Sagittarius Constellation Character Design, Zodiac Character Des by Boians Cho Joo Young;

I love Sagittarian energy, don’t you?  It’s so positive, fun loving, and expansive.  This is thanks in large degree to Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter, by the way.  As the Sun slipped into this light-hearted sign November 22nd, it shot a kiss across the cosmos to Jupiter in a beautiful Trine.  And that’s only part of the story.  Read on, my friend, read on.

Let’s back up a bit first, though.  Did you feel a shift in the way you felt Thursday, November 21st?  Boy, I did!  So I checked the charts and discovered we were benefiting from an easy astrological pattern called a Kite.  (Yes, it really does look like a kite.)  This astrological configuration tends to bring a sense of ease and internal focus.  It only lasted a day because the Moon was involved, but I’m not complaining.  What a great set up for our collective move into the sign of Sagittarius the next day.

Part of the reason we often feel happier in Sagittarius is this: The Sun, which represents our Self, moves from the deep, explorative Scorpio energy in which we’ve been facing our deep inner truths for weeks, personally and collectively.  Moving into Sagittarius then is kind of like stepping out of a deep cave into the sunlight.   The cave was fascinating, revealing, maybe a touch scary at times, but now the Sun’s rays make us blink, stretch, and actually smile again.

Now back to Jupiter.  This wonder-working planet currently is serving us in the sign of Cancer, but he doesn’t live there.  Oh, no.  Sagittarius is his home sign and like many of us, he’s never happier than when he’s home.  So when he gets a direct message fired from there–this time through the Sun–he beams his energy right back in return.  (Ahhh…I’m still a sucker for a good love story.  Sniff, sniff.)  This beautiful, easy energy flow, called a Trine, allowed Jupiter’s attributes to impact us all in one way or another.  Under this influence we see opportunities and possibilities appear before us.  We may even feel lucky.  Our interest in religion and/or philosophy may increase.  Or now we know what form of higher education is right for us.  We have a deeper sense of understanding and a renewed sense of multiculturalism.  Yet our moral values may surface as well.  Plus with Jupiter at 20° in Cancer, the focus remains strongly on family and all relationships.  Twenty is the number of relationship transformation, fully supported by the divine.  How cool is that?!

The Sun beamed its rays to Uranus as well that day, so this extended Sagittarius’ positivity on a global scale.   Uranus now lies at 8° in Aries.  The number 8 symbolizes infinity and the highest level of manifestation.  The potential this presented is that of actually seeing breakthroughs manifest suddenly.  “Suddenly” is Uranus’ trademark energy as a true transformational planet.

Good energy continues into the 23th with another harmonious configuration, a Grand Trine, forming briefly.  This involves the Sun, Uranus, and the Moon so also is a one-day event since the Sun and Moon move so quickly.  This brings a mixture of feminine and masculine energy which, if used effectively, can fuel positive change on a personal or group level.  There is a lot of power in this configuration which mixes Aries and Leo with Uranus, Sun, and Moon, so use it wisely.  Realize that unexpected emotions may rise in yourself or others.  Let Sagittarius’ energy prevail through whatever comes up and remember to smile.

Good vibes continue into the 24th with the Sun and Moon’s Trine with Uranus remaining for one more day.  Enjoy it fully, for on Monday, the 25th, more tension appears.  A T-square between the Moon and Neptune looks to the Sun (Self) for answers.  This speaks of personal dreams and desires looking for opportunities to manifest.  Again the relationship number 2 appears with Neptune at 2°in Pisces.  Let your dreams be bathed with spiritual knowing to temper any egoic impulses that may arise.

The energy eases again on Tuesday and Wednesday, before bringing on a double T-square for Thursday and Friday.  Yikes! This falls on Thanksgiving for those in the U.S., so heads up everyone.  Awareness can make all the difference here.  Realize that these T-squares are not called “Achievement Triangles” for nothing.  Much truly can be achieved, but the potential for more than a little tension in the process looms strongly.   In its lower vibration, this can result in family arguments overheating Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and mob brutality exploding at stores during “Black Friday” shopping.  The Sun at 3° urges laughter, fun, and creativity to help resolve any potential conflicts.  And the Moon at 9° says to conclude these things quickly, using every ounce of your compassion to bring about understanding and resolution.

Then bask in the lighter energies that come next Saturday, and applaud yourself for living the past week in greater awareness than ever before.  Yeah for you; you did it!

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(Photo credit: “Sagittarius Constellation Character Design, Zodiac Character Des” by Boians Cho Joo Young;