Neptune and our Moon, now there’s a Mutt and Jeff visual.  (I know, I know…Google it.) Neptune measures nearly three times the size of Earth and boasts 14 known moons of its own.  Yet when Neptune and our Moon align in some way, we feel it.  And sometimes we feel it more than others.  (After all a planet that can pull Uranus off its orbit is not stuffed with cotton candy.)

This Full Moon on November 17th may be one of those times.  Remember, Full Moons encourage conclusions and endings.  And 17/8 is the number of leaving a legacy behind.  Let’s take a deeper look.

Neptune’s last retrograde took it back to 2 degrees Pisces.  November 13th, it went direct.  That’s kind of like reversing an engine that been churning back through deep waters at a slow speed then suddenly stopping and thrusting it into full speed ahead.  Plus whenever a planet, especially an outer planet like Neptune, is in the first degrees of a sign, it’s felt with great intensity.  Any aspects at these times likewise will intensify.  That means collectively and personally.

My charts show that Neptune squares both the Sun and the Moon that day.  (Yes, the Sun wants in on this one.)  Since the Sun represents the Self, this could result in things like self-deception, betrayal by others, or an identity crisis.  We’ve all had those who-am-I-and-why-am-I-here moments, right?  The Moon governs our emotions, and in this aspect those may intensify.  You may find yourself in a strange mood or experiencing feelings new to you.  Neptune at 2 degrees tosses relationships and one-on-one communication into the mix.  Plus the Moon at 25/7 degrees in Taurus and the Sun at 25/7 degrees in Scorpio adds even more to the spirituality and deep emotions that may prevail and focus in home/family happenings. Confusion could muddy the waters even more, so allow for what is.  Step back, if necessary, and wait for clarity to reappear.  It will.

The good thing is, this is a short aspect.  You may feel the effects for a few hours or even a few days.  The Sun and Moon transit more quickly than any of our other cosmic friends, so while their aspects impact us, they are shorter in duration.  The degree of intensity you experience personally will be further impacted by Neptune’s position in your natal chart and any other aspects to it that may appear there.  And while Full Moons generally bring high energy, this one may feel the opposite.  So if you feel tired, rest.  There’s no shame in that, you know.

Remember, squares can feel intense or like something is blocking us, yet they team with opportunity.  In this aspect, your psyche opens to greater awareness.  Guard against analyzing whatever comes to you.  Simply allow and wait.  Later see how it fits in the total scheme of things.  Neptune’s position in your natal chart determines which part of your life this affects most.  Furthermore, other aspects in your chart may dominate for you personally.  We don’t feel these things equally or with the same dynamics.  That’s why knowing your own blueprint is so important.

Neptune entered Pisces February 3, 2012, and will remain in that sign until January 27, 2026.  This holds the potential for tremendous changes spurred by spirituality and psychic awareness.  Pisces is Neptune’s home sign so that alone intensifies its energy during these years.  This planet holds one main intent for us collectively: OnenessAnything that stands in the way of that being realized it dissolves.  Keep this in mind when you see belief, societal, or governmental structures that appeared solid go away.  Oh, yea, Neptune’s at work.

Here’s another twist.  Neptune is a “generational” planet.  Since it takes about 14 years to transit a sign (not counting retrograde delays), all those born in these time frames come in with a particular collective evolutionary focus.  So those born from early 2012 to early 2026 will feel this spiritual intensity and drive for unity and oneness their entire life.

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