Dancing Girls in Abstract Background, jscreationzs; freedigitalphoto.net

The cosmos is so alive, always in motion.  Have you noticed?  Now in a week’s time, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune dance in and out of step.  Finding your spot on the dance floor can be especially important at times like this.  Let me explain.

Fun loving Jupiter backed onto the dance floor first on November 7th when he went retrograde in Cancer for an unusually long period of 4 months.  (Was that a “moon walk” he just did?) Mercury, our communications planet, flips onto the floor next, moving out of retrograde, stationing for direct (forward motion) in Scorpio November 10th.  (Yippee!)  Neptune must need a bit longer to lace up his shoes, because he waits until November 13th to join the forward stream of cosmic dancers.  It’s then he goes direct in Pisces with a fresh supply of dreams and ideas for us all.

Now it might seem there is little connection between these three.  After all, they’re each dancing in a different sign with at least two signs between them.  Yet look at this.  Jupiter went retrograde at 2°, Mercury goes direct at 2°, and Neptune goes direct at 20/2°.  And this is all happening an 11/2 calendar month with an 11/2 day in the middle.  What does this mean?  Relationship issues just started twirling again, that’s what!  And that’s not bad, you know. (Think Thanksgiving.)  Besides, it’s much more fun dancing with a partner.  Well, most of the time, anyway.  Don’t underestimate the value of dancing solo, however, getting more comfortable with your own style and way of being.  That falls under the “Relationship” category as well.

Also notice what partners may show up at times.  Cancer brings up feelings and intuitiveness.  It represents the “mother” energy and domestic instinct.  Yet it also inspires patriotism and tenacity.  Pisces introduces compassion, selflessness, and sympathy and inspires music.  What’s a dance without music anyway?  Scorpio energy is strong right now since we are in that sign collectively.  Look for determination, motivation, and penetrating insights that can go to great depths.  It brings resourcefulness, but also executive ability.  After all, someone generally leads in a dance.  Right now that’s definitely Scorpio.

A note of caution may be in line here.  After all, we don’t want our lovely dance to turn into a brawl.  So heads up if you see the lower vibrations of these signs slither in: secretiveness, vengefulness, controlling attitudes, power struggles, jealousy, violence, intense anger, victimization, lacking boundaries, shyness, melancholy, over sensitivity, moodiness, self-pity, or brooding.  Watch for these in both yourself and others.  If they show up, recognize them as part of this energy, face them, and get back in step by shifting your energy into the higher vibrational attributes we spoke of first.

That said, let me stress that the number 2 also is the number of peace.  Hold that as your baseline, your foundation, and your ultimate climactic goal in whatever arises around relationships.  Likewise guard against it’s primary lower expressions, co-dependence or peace at any cost.  Those partners really step on your toes.

Remember, relationships are both personal and interpersonal.  In other words, they reach beyond our immediate family and associates to the dances that play out daily in businesses, organizations, and governments around the world.

Realize also that 11s stand as gateways, inviting you to step into whatever is next for you.  In this also comes the energy of endings and new beginnings.   Greet each one as a chance to add yet another dance to your skill set.

Watusi, anyone?

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(Photo credit: “Dancing Girls in Abstract Background” by jscreationzs; freedigitalphotos.net)