Do you know what a mantle is?  Yes, it’s an outdated term in this context, I admit.  Yet here it fits.  Wikipedia gives multiple definitions for mantle, everything from a bird part to a rock climbing maneuver.  Not to steal any thunder from our feathered friends or those diligent athletes, I chose the primary definition: “a cloak-like garment worn mainly by women as fashionable outerwear.”  Here’s why.

Outerwear provides a degree of protection from the weather, true?  The heavier or more insulating the outerwear, the greater the protection.  No news flash there.  Yet have you considered that joy can do the same thing on an emotional and spiritual level?  Stay with me now, and we’ll explore that a bit more.

We are in powerful times astrologically and numerically.  If you are reading this, you probably already know that on some level.  How we feel and respond to these strong energies can vary widely from person to person—and even within ourselves.  While November 1st brought the energy of a new month, it also activated the energy for culminations.  This was due to it being a 9 Universal Day (1+1+1+2+0+1+3=9).  Pluto and Uranus fueled this strong ending energy with another exact square.  Did you hear the brakes squealing again?  There’s serious friction at play when this happens.  Yet some may not feel it at all.  Really!

That brings us back to the Joy Factor.  (Why doesn’t someone create a TV show by that name, by the way?  Okay, I’m chasing rabbits again.)The truth is, just as wearing a leather jacket or an overcoat allows us to walk through a storm without feeling the wet and cold, joy does the same for our emotional and spiritual lives. In the Pythagorean Alphabet System, JOY is comprised of these numeric combinations: 10/1 (J), 15/6 (O), and 16/7 (Y).  The first, 10/1, is a powerful leadership number of instant manifestation (think “intent”), 15/6 is the number of the divine alchemist who changes the energy of any room, and 16/7 is a highly intellectual and spiritual number that brings sudden and unexpected happenings.  Adding 1+6+7 we find the combined resonance equals 14/5, the powerful number of change that reaches the outside world.

How does this relate?  Think about it. Unlike an external overcoat, joy comes from within our very being.  It is not projected from outside onto us, but emanates internally and ripples outwardly.  It stems from our innermost being so cannot be easily ripped off of us, exposing us to the “elements.”  What’s more, those who enter its field are either drawn or repelled by it.  It’s that powerful in creating change internally and externally.

But wait, I’m not done yet.  Look at JOY calculated in the ancient Chaldean Alphabet System. Here J=1, 0=7, and Y=1 for a total of 9.   Leadership (or teaching) energy and spiritual/intellectual insights blend to create the 9, the energy of culminations/endings, humanitarianism, and unconditional love.  Another layer appears.   Are you starting to see how living from joy can provide you with a powerful mantle for these tumultuous times?

As we go through this intense eclipse season and beyond, I truly invite you to stay in the energy of joy as much as humanly possible.  Pull your mantle more closely around you, dip your head into the cosmic winds, and forge ahead with your life.  Wear joy as your mantle and step confidently through the 11 gateway of this month and the initiating energy of the new moon solar eclipse November 3rd.  Bon voyage!

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(Photo credit: “Joy Word” by Stuart Miles;