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I’ve been watching something flying under the radar in most astrological reports I’ve read.  Did anybody notice that on October 23rd, just as we changed collectively from air sign Libra to water sign Scorpio, the North Node moved to 7 degrees in Scorpio? (Note: This position lasts until November 11th.)

Seven is a little number with big implications—and especially important to all with the number 7 in key positions in their blueprint.  And a big “heads up” to all Scorpians.  (No, not Scorpions.  Scorpians.)

You see, the number 7 is a solitary number that loves intellectual pursuits and brings forth deep spirituality.  Scorpio, likewise, is a deeply spiritual sign that loves solitude.  It also keeps many things deeply hidden.   With 7 now activated here, the element of sudden insights appears.  With this energy, expect lightning bolts of awareness that strike deep at the core of buried issues.  And this is where the North Node comes in.

The North Node is not a planet.  It is a mathematical point where aspects of lunar and solar principals connect.  As such it receives rather than directly influencing anything.  Its energies are subtle and often not felt at all until conscious awareness of your spirituality, soul connection, and connection to the universe become part of your reality.  It represents where your soul memories intersect with your current conscious experiences, cycles, lessons, and growth. (Whew!  Take a breath; that’s pretty heavy stuff.)  Yes, this is where your past lessons intersect with your present journey, bringing conscious awareness as pieces of the past appear in new light.  The North Node acts as a spiritual compass, pointing you in the right direction.  How do all your past paths intersect and align with this spiritual path on which you find yourself now?  In truth, the North Node can tell us what we have “to work on” and what direction to go to follow our true path.

See why I think this is important?

Let’s get back to Scorpio for a moment.  Using Pythagorean numerology, Scorpio vibrates to 41/5, a number of uncertainty, change, and freedom.  In the Chaldean-Hebrew system, it vibrates to 31/4, a number of structure, stability, and work.  Both numbers apply here.  Plus this sign relates to the 8th House in astrology chart.  Issues common within this house are: death, transformation and/or regeneration, and other people’s money (taxes, inheritance, mortgages, banks, joint finances, etc.).  Remember, there are personal and collective influences in all of this.

The natural ruler of Scorpio is Pluto.  Yes, dear ol’ Pluto, the planet with which we’re becoming so familiar—like it or not.  This planet of transformation serves as the energizer for this sign, pulsing energy to dig for the truth no matter what.  All things spiritual are in its domain. Destruction happens along the way. Yet it will prove worth it when that long hidden truth rises to fuel forward motion.

Now let’s skip down the road a bit to November 3rd.  On this day The North Node is joined by Mercury, also at 7° in Scorpio.  Remember the North Node receives influences.  And Mercury in Scorpio is not a happy camper, especially when it is retrograde as it is now.  Mercury loves openness and free communication.  Yet in retrograde his energy gets a bit, ummm…, cranky.  Since technology and all forms of electronics are his favorite playground, this is generally where we see things go crazy (or die) first.  Mercury governs all forms of communication, so it also appears in everything from lost mail to misunderstandings in personal conversations.  The bottom line is—this energy will be received and integrated by the North Node to be reflected in any old issues that arise for you around that time.  So choose your words wisely.  Check and double check to make sure what you said is what was heard.  Make sure your payments were received, your messages delivered, and your computer is backed up. (Mars in Virgo will help with this.)  This is standard for a Mercury retrograde anyway.  What’s different is how your awarenesses will affect your life’s path going forward.

Oh, one more thing.  November 3rd we get to experience a rare new moon solar eclipse.  Yippee!  There will be a plethora of article on this over the next week or so.  Remember that new moons are about initiation and new beginnings.  And all eclipses in a family of signs advance the discussion (issues) of the last eclipse.

Okay, I see all you 7s clicking onto Google search, so I’ll sign off for this time.  Have fun in your explorations, knowing all of this is happening for us not to us.

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