OK, let’s play house—astrology house, that is.  In the world of astrology, you own some extremely valuable and unique real estate whether you’ve claimed it or not.  Your astrology houses vary in size, location, and content with a steady stream of visitors to keep life interesting.  Some houses are occupied and some empty, with a few in prime locations that garner particular attention.  Let’s take a closer look.

Anyone familiar with the real estate game knows the three most important things are: location, location, location.  The same is true in astro-numerology.  The house placement in the astrology chart is one part of that.  The 1st house, also known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign in Western Astrology, is some of your most prime real estate.  It marks the beginning point of your chart at birth and some major strengths and challenges you hold regarding your Self. Who are you and how will your personality develop?

To expand your development, you move to your next (2nd) house that has a lot to do with self-worth and your values, often reflected in your possessions.  Then it’s on to the 3rd house where your communication skills are nurtured and tested.  In due time, you take these skills into your (4th) house where family gets involved.  This prepares you for some fun and adventure, so you move to the 5th house of play and creativity.

Now how will you use all of this experience you’ve gleaned so far?  That’s what the 6th house is all about.  Here you test your foundational experiences and the creativity and play from your last residential experience.   How will you use it to improve your health and determine which of your skills best serve and lay the foundation for your career?

Next it’s time for marriage or some other form of partnership experience in your 7th house.  Here’s another piece of valuable real estate called your Descendant.  It marks a shift from the internal to external world and related issues.  This sets the stage for transformation, which awaits in your 8th house.  Then in the 9th house your beliefs will take you on literal or figurative journeys as they come up for review, reconfiguring many of the things you thought you knew.

(Wow!  And you thought you were just going to sit by the pool and eat bonbons all day, right?)

In your 10th house, your career and reputation come into play—big time.  How do you present yourself to the world?  After work comes some time with friends and groups in your 11th house.  This is a social house where you hang out with and grow through your friends and group associations.  Your 12th house, being the last, is one of culmination as you face the death of parts of you that must leave to afford a rebirth of spirit or life in some new form.  (Okay, take a breath; you’re looking a bit pale.)

Your Sun Sign, denoting the position of the Sun at your time of birth, may appear in any of these houses.  (Its placement is determined by specific formulations beyond my scope of expertise to explain.  Sorry, cosmic architecture is not my thing.)  Yet whichever house it calls home is of vital importance throughout your lifetime.  Prime real estate again.

The character of each house is determined in part by its planetary ruler.  For instance, Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, so this sign is known for Mars’ characteristic power, aggression, and ability to initiate.  If Aries is in your 1st house, you will exhibit some form of these traits in your personality and sense of self–whether or not Mars was in Aries at the time of your birth.

Each house is flavored further by other planets that reside there in your natal chart.  This is determined by where the planets positioned at your time of birth.    Using our 1st house example again, if Jupiter and the Moon also reside here, you may feel the urge to expand and think outside the box regarding yourself from Jupiter and an ability for self-love and other emotions from the Moon.

Remember what I said about location?  Well, here’s where the numbers come in.  The degree number of each house cusp (the first line of the house) sets the intent for that house.  If our 1st house cusp in our example is at 11 degrees, a master number by the way, you will be prompted throughout life to walk through the next gateway—often into the unknown—to discover more about yourself.   This may feel especially challenging until you learn to embrace this life patterning and welcome each gateway as the opportunity it was intended.  You are well empowered though the characteristic aspects of Aries and the resident planets to do so.  The degree number a planet positions in the natal chart also changes the effect.  Ah, yes, numbers, numbers, numbers.

Yet there’s more.  You live in a busy neighborhood!  As in life, some houses are busier than others.  Visitors, known as transiting planets, pass through the astrological signs on a regular basis.   These passages put them in different houses at different times.  Whenever a planet enters one of your houses, it will add its attributes and energy to whatever is going on in your life around that house’s issues.  This is not permanent, lasting only until that planet moves on–into your next house.  Look at it this way.  If it’s Saturn, think of it as a cleaning crew; if Venus, a love balm exploding with abundance.  The strength and effect of these transits will vary by degree number and depend on how they are aspected in your chart.  But we will save that for another play date.

Enjoy your real estate.  Its value is priceless, filled with a lifetime of experiences and opportunities that are uniquely yours.

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