Zodiac Signs by Danilo Rizzuti, freedigitalphoto.net

Ever heard of Cardinal Signs?  No, they have nothing to do with birds or the Catholic Church.  Well, not in this context anyway.  The Cardinal Signs to which I refer are ancient labels given the character of a certain set of astrological signs, namely Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  Why does that matter?  Read on, my friend, read on.

Cardinal Signs get attention; they instigate and catalyze action or awareness.  That means any time a planet transits one of these signs, its inherent influence will be used to this end.  Or to be more precise this “beginning,” for these signs initialize movement.  They’re great starters; that’s their job.  How that beginning ends is not in their sphere of influence—unless what they begin is an ending.  Yes, that’s also possible.

Being aware of this has rarely been as important as it is now.  Why?  Because Pluto and Uranus are each squared off in Cardinal Signs.  Their impact, though felt by all on some level, is especially impactful to those born under one of these signs.   Yes, if you are one of the lucky ones born in the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are being spurred repeatedly during this long-lasting (5 year!) squaring to change, move, lead, make a difference, speak up, or start something.  Feel familiar?

How this demonstrates in each life is influenced by all the other aspects of the chart and the personal numbers code.  Yet here is something worth heeding for all of us.  When the Moon transits one of these signs, life will get more intense and emotional.  The Moon governs the emotions so wherever it goes, so goes emotionality.  This energy intensifies as the Moon moves from its new Moon phase to Full Moon each month, reaching its peak at the Full Moon itself.  (If you doubt this, talk to anyone who works in hospital emergency rooms or a police department.  It’s a well-documented fact that people can go a bit “whack-o” then if the inclination is there beforehand.)

As I write this the Moon has just entered Capricorn, where the sign’s formidable, grounded energy give a natural authority for being masters of the physical plane.  Have you noticed how the national parks and various park personnel have been in the news lately?  These issues deal directly with our physical plane, our planet, who is responsible for it and how that whole area can be better addressed and served.  Capricorn catalyzed the issue, with the Moon heightening people’s emotions around each incident that sprang into public view.

Remember who else is visiting Capricorn?  That’s right, Pluto, that powerhouse of slow, steady transformation.  Remember, Pluto is currently positioned at 9 degrees, the number of culminations, endings, and true humanitarianism.  So when things show up around Earth issues that invite redress or wiping the slate clean for a new beginning, we may have Capricorn to thank—at least in part.  This sign understands responsibility and encourages it in all it touches.  It also can have a corrective energy.  How many things have you seen that could use a good dose of that?  This energy will intensify, by the way, when we collectively enter that sign December 22nd.

So take heart, everyone.  Remember this is all here for our personal and collective good.  If you know you are a Cardinal Sun Sign, dare to play your part in instigating and catalyzing our movements forward.  It’s in your blueprint and part of your life’s plan.  If you are not a Cardinal Sun Sign, watch those who are.  Can you follow their lead; lend your energy and support to move something beyond the initial steps?  Remember, we all have a part to play and each one matters.

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(Photo credit: “Zodiac Signs” by Danilo Rizzuti; freedigitalphoto.net)