Stars and Planets, Victor Habbick,

Sometimes choice is obvious.  Other times, not so much.  We are at one of those points right now of which many are totally unaware.  You, my friend, are one of the lucky ones.  Read on…

What is it I keep saying?  Come on, all together now, “Awareness is key!”  And with that, let me point you to our old friends, Pluto and Uranus.  Remember them?  How can we forget, right?

If I didn’t look at things from a higher perspective, I would equate them to relatives who come for a visit and don’t know when to leave; a week turns into a month, which turns into 6 months.  You get the idea.  And just as with our loving relatives, we know they mean well.  Yet this extended stay is creating a lot of tension.  Joey wants his room back; Mom is tired of extra mouths to feed; and Dad, tired of all the old stories, just wants some peace and quiet.

Yet unlike our relatives, we can’t just have a little chat with our planetary friends, help them carry their bags to the car and bid them a fond farewell.  It doesn’t work that way.  They have aligned their positions with intent and will not leave them until their purpose is accomplished–in 2015!  Of course, they’re not doing this job alone.   Oh, no.  Every few months they call in a helper of two.  The Sun is the latest to answer the call, aligning in a blaze of glory with these two in what is known as a T-Square or Achievement Triangle.

Wherever the Sun shows up, there’s a lot of power involved—as if Pluto and Uranus needed any help in that department.   Pluto is like a backhoe that digs relentlessly until the truth is revealed.  Uranus, on the other hand, leaves those tedious, long-term projects to Pluto.  He’d rather light the fuse on a ton of dynamite and let the dust and boulders fall where they may.

This T-Square formed September 26th and will stay active into October 8th , triggering a double 8 emphasis as 26 reduces to 8 (2 + 6 = 8).  Since 8 is the king of the money and manifestation numbers, anything impacted in this sphere could be up for review.  We are speaking of something on the global scale here because Uranus and Pluto are collective planets that affect us all as a group.   That’s their specialty.  Yet anywhere these planets align with elements in your own chart will trigger personal issues and events as well.

On September 26th, the Universal chart showed this T-Square formation with Uranus at 10°50’, Pluto at 9°00’, and the Sun at 3°2’.  Ten is the number of instant manifestation (That’s Uranus!) and here is supported by 5, the number of pivotal change, and 0, the symbol of divine protection.  Pluto’s 9 speaks to culminations and endings, again supported by the double zero of divine protection.  The Sun’s 3 lays the challenge—and promise—of creativity and communication to fuel a powerful force.  (In a natal chart, the Sun represents the Self.  In this context, however, it is more apt to reference global leadership.)

While the degrees of Uranus and Pluto don’t really change in this time span, the Sun will reach 15° on October 8th.  This number triggers, once again, the vibration we are all feeling in this 6 Universal Year.  Six is the number of nurturing, love, health/healing, and emotion.  So whatever transpires between September 26th and October 8th needs to be nurtured in love, compassion, and understanding of ourselves and others.  Oh, and get this.  Fifteen is the number of the divine alchemist, which allows mystical (unexplainable) elevation of our ways of being.

How will this happen?  Let’s look across the chart to Jupiter.  In this case, Jupiter holds the key.  Yes, this planet of joy, luck, and expansion holds the potential to make the difference and direct the outcome.  Note that Jupiter, on September 26th lays at 17°45’.  Seventeen is the number of leaving a legacy behind and reduces to 8, thus intensifying the 8 energy already mentioned.  Here the 17 is supported by 4 for structural support and manifestation and 5, that pivotal number of change and adventure.  Plus, by October 8th, Jupiter’s degree changes to 19.  With 19, there is always a goal along with the drive and planning to take it all the way.  It speaks of independence and self-sufficiency fueled by powerful creativity.  Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, 19 reduces to 10/1, that powerful number of instant manifestation.

How events, both globally and on a personal level, transpire in this short window of time have yet to play out.  Yet with this awareness you are now empowered to meet whatever shows up before you.   Choose powerfully.  The outcome of times such as this can bring about some of the greatest achievements we will ever witness.  That is why, in sacred geometry, this configuration is known as the Achievement Triangle.  When its powerful energies are utilized rather than ignored or misused, wonderful shifts can occur.  Of course, the opposite holds true as well.  So which will it be this time, achievement or disaster?

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