Money Symbol, Tom Tennant

Are you “in the money,” “out of the money,” or somewhere in the middle?  Do you hear yourself saying, “My luck’s about to change; I can just feel it!”?  In truth, “luck” may have little to do with it.  It’s your numbers—your money numbers.  Let me explain.

In astro-numerology, each number holds multiple possibilities.  Which of those possibilities manifests in a person’s life is influenced by the number’s placement in the person’s Numbers Code, astrological House, or Planet degree.  (Now don’t start yawning; I’m getting to the good stuff.)

You’ve heard of “lucky number 7,” right?  Well, is it—or is it lucky only for certain people?  And does that luck necessarily show up in the form of money?  In truth, 7 does hold the potential for luck.  Yet unless it is connected with Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion), in your 2nd House (that governs self-worth, values, and money), or in the sign of Libra (which influences marriage, partnerships, and money), whatever luck may show up probably will not bring checks in the mail.  You may be lucky at avoiding accidents, drawing valuable friendships, or a host of other “lucky” aspects.  Serendipity may be your middle name—and have little or no effect on your money supply.  Sorry.

Speaking of luck, the number 5 in its lower vibration rules addictions.  This includes gambling, so keep those 5s in line if you intend to roll the dice.

Now the number 8 is a different matter altogether, for 8 is the king of the money numbers.  This is the number of power, business, and managing money.  It can be a powerful asset.   There’s a funny quirk about the number 8, however.   Not having 8s in your astro-numerology blueprint generally indicates money will be available in this lifetime; lack of money won’t be an issue.   This is the direct opposite effect of the rest of the numbers which gain strength when doubled or tripled.  With the number 8, its presence in your numbers indicates it will be an instrument for gaining greater awareness in life.  Even those with 8 as a Life Purpose tend to fall into a pattern of gaining money, losing it, and then gaining it back only to lose it again.  The pattern continues until recognized and addressed at its root cause.  Yet 8s in the 10th House (career, reputation, destiny), greatly support an 8 Destiny number or Day of Birth.  The Destiny number indicates the gifts you bring into this life, and the Day of Birth reflects your career strengths.

Our last money number may come as a surprise.  It’s 6.  Yes, the number so many are feeling strongly in this 6 Universal Year (and this 6 Universal Month) can also be a money number.  That’s because it is the number of abundance.  Again, it depends on its placement in the astrology chart and Numbers Code, but in many cases the form of abundance it brings is monetary.  As with the luck aspect of the 7, abundance can show up in many forms.  You may have an abundance of food from an overly abundant garden or generous neighbors.  You could have an abundance of support whenever you start a new venture.  Maybe your 6s bring an abundance of love through family and friends.  It’s all good…it just may not be green!  It depends on which form of abundance was designed into your blueprint for your highest good. NOTE: The lower vibration of the 6 can manifest as greed or lack.  Yea, that’s a sneaky one.

So there you have it, boys and girls, our money number lesson for the day.  Realize that this just scratches the surface of all the layers that can show up in your blueprint.  It’s kind of like taking the wrapping paper off a present and now you can see the box.  But what’s inside the box??

That’s where knowing your own blueprint comes more than a little in handy.  Along with a good resource person to decipher it and walk you through the transits that follow, of course. That said, you know where to find me.  And if you don’t, click here.

Ready to explore your own Numbers Code?  Or if you already have, how has it changed the way you live?  Click the dialogue box to leave a comment.  I’d love to here.

(Photo credit: Money Symbol, Tom Tennant)