Numbers in Color, Danilo Rizzuto, freedigitalphoto.netCompatibility does not belong to lovers alone.  Oh, no.  Compatibility, or the lack thereof, figures in every aspect of our lives.  What determines that compatibility?  To a large degree—our Numbers Code.

Your Numbers Code is comprised of six core birth numbers, derived from your birthday and birth certificate name.  These I refer to as your Life Purpose, Day of Birth, Destiny, Soul, Personality, and Essence numbers.

How each of these numbers play together and with other numbers that enter your world determines to a large extent the degree of harmony, conflict, compatibility, or neutrality you experience.  This applies not only to your relationships with others but with yourself.  Now there’s a biggie, isn’t it?  Yet that’s not all.  It applies to important dates (not just the 2-legged kind), business names, pet names, phone numbers, addresses, as well as cities, states, countries, etc.  Let’s take a look.

Numbers 1 through 9 fall into three specific Triads; the 1-5-7 Triad, the 2-4-8 Triad, and the 3-6-9 Triad.  (Click the links for more information.)  Numbers within a Triad are considered to be “in harmony.”  They make beautiful music together.  Yet when numbers from one Triad are introduced to those from a different Triad, the encounter can range from mild to extreme.

For example, the number 1 is compatible with the number 2 (Shall we dance?), neutral when sharing company with an 8 (You don’t bother me in the least.), but in conflict with a 4 (Will you PLEASE get out of my space!).

What might that look like in real life?  Well, say a person with a 1 Day of Birth has a 2 Destiny Number and an 8 Soul Number.  Wow!  That looks like a great foundation for a career, right?  Yet, what if that person’s Life Purpose number is 4?  Since 4 is in conflict with 1, it may create conflict within the person as to how to manifest that career in practical terms, an inner war, so to speak.  Since the Life Purpose presents our lifelong areas for growth opportunities, much of this person’s life experience may show up in this area as he/she learns to blend these energies.

What about addresses?  Here’s a tip: Your house or apartment number is the most important.  Look at your complete Numbers Code, yet pay particular attention to you 3 Key Numbers; Life Purpose, Destiny, and Day of Birth.

Using another example, start with the awareness that 4 is compatible with 6 and in conflict with 5.  Let’s say your Destiny Number is 4 and you are considering an apartment with the number 23.  Since 23 reduces to 5 (2 + 3 = 5), the number of activity, adventure, and change, can you see that your organization-driven, work-and-stability-loving 4 could be driven to distraction by the inherent activity and change this address would bring?  Moving next door to apartment number 24 which reduces to 6, on the other hand, would lend a loving and nurturing, family-oriented feels to your environment.  One note of caution here:  While a 4 may appear a good choice as an address for a person with a dominant 4 in the Numbers Code, it would actually double the intensity of that number.  Do you know what “labor intensive” feels like?  Oh, yea.  Too much of a good thing for most of us for sure!

Now let’s look at phone numbers for a minute.  Suppose your Life Purpose number is 7.  Would a number that reduces to 5 be a good choice?  Maybe; maybe not.  While it’s true that 5 is in the same Triad and therefore in harmony, it’s important to take into account the characteristics of each number.  A person with a 7 Life Purpose will likely be on a lifelong quest for knowledge and higher truth in some form.  Yet 7s also require more alone time than most and value a quiet sanctuary.  Since 5 is an action-oriented number, chances are very good that a phone number reducing to 5 would bring a lot of phone calls.  Would that be welcome in your world?  If not, choosing one that reduces to 4 (also compatible with 7) would suit you better, lending more structure and stability to that extension to the outside world.  Note: When calculating phone numbers, test the number with and without the area code.  Also know that 7 is ONLY compatible with 4 and in conflict with every other number outside of its own Triad.  Now that could present a challenge or two, I’d say.  Yowzah!

Thanks for playing the Numbers Game with me once again.  These are but a few simple examples of the plethora of possibilities that exist between numbers.  Once a person becomes familiar with his/her own Numbers Code it can become a way of life to check these things before committing to persons, places, and things that may add extra layers of conflict to life.  Remember my favorite phrase: Awareness is key!  It is indeed your key to a happier, more productive, and more stable life—packed with as much adventure as you wish to experience.

Shine on!

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