Time for Change, Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhoto.net

I’ve done a lot of processing since the energies of Aug. 25th and 26th hit the planet.  Did it bring the kind of impetus for good that showed in the astrology chart?  For some, definitely.  Yet not for all.  Why is that?

The possible answers to that question are as varied and wide reaching as the potentials of the energies themselves.  Let me explain.

Looking at a Universal astrology chart reveals the host of possibilities inherent in the energetics of each day.  These vibrations manifest as energetic strengths, weaknesses, and blends created by various “aspects” or alignments of planets, our Sun and Moon, and certain asteroids.   Since everything is comprised of energy (including us), each carries its own unique energetic expression.   When two or more of these energetic expressions cross, meet, or connect it creates a different energy for however long the encounter lasts.

Which Sign or House in which each resides adds still another vibration to what we feel in that expression.  Add to this the numeric expression created through the position, or degree, at which it lays within each House and the plot thickens.

Stay with me here.  We have one more layer to explore.  You.  Yes, you.  Each person on the face of the planet carries his/ her own distinct numeric code which includes the astrological positions and alignment at the time of birth.  This varies somewhat each year by the transiting, or movement of planets across these points in our charts throughout time.  When these cosmic alignments happen, we feel it.  We may not understand or acknowledge it, but we feel it.  And so it was last week.

Since your alignments and numeric code differ from mine (or anyone else’s), what you experience will be uniquely yours as well.  Thus a large and especially impactful Universal alignment, such as happened Aug. 25-26, is felt by everyone but experienced differently according to the placements and alignments in our own charts and code.  Can you see why it is so important to “get” this stuff, at least to some degree?

The high potential for great breakthroughs last week thrust some forward in their careers while bringing others to face things in their own personal lives that are ready to change.  On a global scale, countries were brought to a point of decision as to whether to join in a new military action with global dynamics or find other alternatives.  (Countries have their own astro-numerology codes, by the way, which play into these dynamics.)

The energies of last week will ripple for a while, maybe a long while.  This allows us to carry all it provoked and altered forward in new and better ways of being on this planet.  I noted in my last post that the energies held great potential, with potential being the optimum word.  So it was, and so it remains.  For how we chose to use the gifts and insights brought to us individually and globally remains to be seen and experienced fully.

As we step into September, we carry this potential into a 15/6 Universal Month in a 6 Universal Year.  Since 6 is the number of love, family, service, and health, these top the list of areas of focus right now with double intensityAll the 6s in our numeric codes are activated this month so don’t be surprised when family comes calling, a new area of service opens up, or a health issue presents in your life.  Remember, what affects one impacts all as we continue our daily lives here on planet Earth.  So stay in the highest expression of the number (love, service, nurturing of self and others, balanced emotions, and prosperity) for the greatest benefit for all.

How did you experience the energies of last week?  What are you taking forward from it?  Feel free to leave a comment by clicking the dialogue box next to the date or contact me here.  I’d love to hear from you!