Wow!  I feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean, exploding with delight at what I see coming for us all August 26th.  Seriously, circle the date on your calendar; you won’t want to sleep through this one.

I could go into graphic details about why this is, but the bottom line is this: August 26th Good Newsholds more potential for the good of humanity than I have ever seen.  Note I say potential.  This relates to the Sacred Geometry that shows up in the universal astrology chart for that day.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this and even questioned whether I was seeing things.   Yet the deeper I looked the more good things I saw.  Wahoo!

That said, I remind you that a Grand Square (read my last post) is still in effect.  This will challenge some of the other aspects that are lining up for ease and harmony.  Yet with all the Kites, Rectangles, and Grand Trine configurations, the potential for positive movement, personally and collectively, remains very strong.  Heck, this patterning is so beautiful, I’d be tempted to make a quilt pattern from in—if I was a quilter, that is. (A minor technicality there.)

I do see the areas of greatest testing lay with Pluto and Jupiter, where the points of ease and creative tension come into direct contact.  Remember, Pluto digs up that which has remained hidden so it can be faced and cleared or realigned.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, blows things into larger than life scenarios.  So stay grounded and keep everything in perspective, on all levels.  Should a surprise occur, allow the initial emotions to pass before acting.  Then choose actions that support positive expansion.

One more point to make is the prominence of the 11 energy for that day.  This is a potent, electrical energy that invites us to walk through a gateway, often into the unknown.  Eleven is a Master Number that incites action.  And since 11 reduces to 2 (1 + 1 = 2), relationships come strongly into play on all levels; friendships, marriages, siblings/parents; countries, etc.  So heads up on that one.  Make your communications clear and productive.

I also see the number 6 as prominent that day since the trine symbols form a hexagon in the center of the chart.  Six is another relationship number with a strong emphasis on love and service.  It begs the question, “What can I do to change/support this?” NOTE: Since we are in a 6 Universal Year, this theme remains in effect for the remainder of 2013.

When we look at a universal chart, we see what applies to the entire world, so watch for global impacts as well.  These influences could play out in a myriad of ways.  Face the day wiser, knowing that it also applies to you wherever these energies activate your own Numbers Code in your blueprint.  Choose action rather than reaction, responsibility rather than blame or anything else that may apply.

Ready…set?  Let the good times begin!

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Till soon…