Believe it or not, Blue Moons aren't actually blue.

Believe it or not, Blue Moons aren’t actually blue.

Have you run an astrology chart on the next full Moon?  Well I have, and boy was it a trip.  Fasten your seatbelt and I’ll take you on a cosmic fly-by of what’s just ahead.

In all honesty, we can’t blame—or credit—the Moon for everything.  Yes, it is a Blue Moon, so called since it is the third full moon in a season with four full moons.   I know, I know, the logic escapes me too, but that’s the way it is—except when it isn’t.  (wink!) Oops, I see a quizzical looks and we haven’t even left the launch pad.   All you number 7s go here for more details.

As the Moon turns full on Aug. 21st (Aug. 20th in the U.S.)  it is stationed at 27° 34’ in Aquarius.  Few astrological signs enjoyed the press play of this one, beginning with the proclamation in the 1960s of its donning age.  (You baby boomers can’t help but sing the song, can you?)  Heralded as the sign of world unity and brotherhood it’s energy brings large scale humanitarian efforts and awareness for the betterment of all.  Since full moons signal completion, watch for culminations of efforts begun at the last new moon.  This may be the ending of a phase rather than a complete project or episode, and whether or not it comes peaceably depends on many factors.

Enter: a Grand Square.  Yes a nearly exact Grand Square involving two personal planets (Jupiter and Venus) and two collective planets (Pluto and Uranus) promises to enrich this time period even more.  I’m being gentle here, because Grand Squares used to scare people half to death as a sure sign of calamity.  The thing is, that no longer is the case.  Grand Squares in their highest vibration offer the maximum in creative tension.  It’s like a tug-of-war between our current reality and our vision of the future, giving rise to better outcomes or ideas.

Let’s start our tour with a stop at Jupiter, that beautiful planet of luck and expansion.  Now Jupiter may not feel quite like himself around this time.  He’ll be at 12° 00’ in Cancer (sign of home & family) when the Moon goes full.  This number invites service to others, empowered by the divine.  Yet in its lower vibration, this is the “victim number.”  See the potential for the push-pull of creative tension?  And since Jupiter is a personal planet, it may bring up personal issues in unexpected ways.  Yes, unexpected ways, because Jupiter is squared by Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected happenings, on one side and Venus, the planet of love and money, on the other.  How’s that for a trio?  Remember, squares bring tension—in one form or another.  And aspects in astrology cause the energies of the planets to blend to some degree.  Some aspects are smooth (trines and sextiles) while others are bumpy (squares and oppositions).

Speaking of bumpy, check those seatbelts; we’re off to Venus at 5° 11’ in Libra.  While Venus is perfectly at home in Libra—literally—she sits at a rather uncomfortable degree at the time of this full Moon.  Venus likes things gentle; she’s a lover not a fighter.  This degree invites a lot of challenge, change, and adventure.  Not Venus’ favorite place to play for sure.  But play she must, this time with Jupiter’s expansive energy squaring her on one side and Pluto, the planet whose energy makes us dig to the core of things, squaring her on the other.  This energetic mixture being in Libra brings all issues regarding love (self and other), marriage, partnership, and money into play.  Remember, Pluto plays on a global scale as well.

Next stop: good ol’ Pluto at 13° 09’ in Capricorn as the Moon goes full.  Capricorn’s energy greatly affects the economy.  It encourages responsibility and caution, setting boundaries, and staying practical.  It drives careers and carries “father energy.”  Pluto can complement this energy, since it’s in for the long haul, not caring how long it takes to uproot and get to the truth of a matter.  Plus, its degree placement carries the vibration of work, stability, and outside-the-box thinking empowered by divine energy and humanitarianism.  Any stability could be tested, however, since Uranus, who shakes things up through unexpected happenings, squares Pluto here.  (Uranus and Pluto have been doing this dance for a while now, by the way, and will continue into 2015.) Yet tempering this potential earthquake is Venus on the other side, adding her own encouragement for love and gentleness in this otherwise jackhammer combination.

Last stop: Uranus at 12° 04’ in Aries.  Uranus in fire sign Aries, do we really wonder why things are getting more and more turbulent in the world?  And as the Moon turns full, it lays at a degree that again invites service to others, this time with divine empowerment and the an underlying stability.  Yet if not held to its highest vibration, it reverts to the victim/victimizer energy, which just isn’t one bit pretty or fun for anyone.  Pluto squares Uranus here, encouraging a deep look into anything that remains hidden.  And on the other side, Jupiter’s squaring energy encourages us to think big.  He will expand things wherever his energy flows, like it or not.

Remember, we still have some beautiful trine energy in play as well, which allows the potential of ease and flow.  As always it is a matter of choice, whether personal or collective.  Will we take the actions to create beneficial and productive outcomes in this Moon’s culmination energy?  With awareness comes responsibility; with choice comes consequence.  And as we land again on planet Earth, the power now rests in your hands.  Which course of action will you choose?

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