Leo, the Lion

Leo, the Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the calendar flipped from July to August, a power surge hit the planet.  Did you feel it?

August is the 8th month in the calendar year, automatically activating that number’s essence: POWER.  When the number 8 shows up, power plays erupt as unexpectedly as Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser on August 1st.  By the way, this was Steamboat’s first eruption in 8 yearsHello…!  I just have to smile at these “coincidences,” don’t you?

Looking at the AstroNumerology for the month, 8s will show up with emphasis many times throughout the month.  It’s all part of the plan to keep power, internal and external, at the forefront right now.

Adding strength to this equation is our passage through the sign of Leo.  Think “Leo the Lion, King of the Jungle” to get a picture of this sign’s character.  Kingship–or queenship–brings an unspoken element of power that infiltrates the entire kingdom.  That’s us; the human collective, all of humanity.  We’re the kingdom.  As Leo sets the stage, we each play our parts in the power plays, large and small, that build greater consciousness.  While much of this consciousness building may feel intense, stay open to the times the scene changes to opportunities for fun and play.  Remember Leo the Lion is a caricature intended to captivate the child-like wonder in all of us.  Guard against becoming so serious about life that its wonder eludes you.  Life is magical, so embrace that wonder.  (Can we get a round of applause for that, please?  Thank you!)

August 1st also brought an astrological aspect, or configuration, known as a T-square.  Whenever squares appear in astrology, tension is created with the intention of bringing growth.  This particular T-square involves Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus and will remain in effect into 2014. (O.K., I heard those groans and grumbles.  Calm down; I’m not done yet, you know.)  To find out what this configuration means, let’s break it down a bit.

Pluto emits an energy that brings transformation through deep excavation of things hidden.  Jupiter’s energy offers fun, luck, and expansion.  Uranus, with its own mighty power, brings sudden breakthroughs and innovative ideas.  In the T-square, Pluto and Jupiter’s energies are fueling each other much like the positive and negative ends of a battery.  And both are squared by Uranus, which is putting tension on them to create sudden breakthroughs in ways that have never been seen before.  Uranus makes things happen!  So expect the unexpected, both personally and worldwide, for many months to come.  No fear here, remember, only awareness.

Another layer of this shows up when we look at the numbers.  On August 1st, Pluto was at 9°38”.  The 9 represents the highest degree of humanitarianism and in this case is supported by the 38/11/2.  This number includes Master Number 11 that says to dare to step through the gateways of life to create the peace inherent in the number 2.  Jupiter was at 7°27”, emphasizing the need for great mental clarity and spiritual insight.  This is the energy of the number 7, in this case supported by the 27/9 which again brings the numbers of relationship (2) and humanitarianism (9) into play.  Uranus was at 12°28”, a degree that presents the challenge.  Will we allow the highest expression of the 12 to rule our actions through the spiritual aspects of the divine feminine or wallow in the number’s lower vibration of victim/ victimizer?  The choice is empowered further by the 28/10/1, which challenges us to face our trust issues—including trusting ourselves–as we assume our roles as leaders and teachers.

Remember this energy is not going away any time soon, so allow it to bring the transformations on a personal scale that it no doubt will bring in our world at large.  Power up!

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