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Wow!  I feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean, exploding with delight at what I see coming for us all August 26th.  Seriously, circle the date on your calendar; you won’t want to sleep through this one.

I could go into graphic details about why this is, but the bottom line is this: August 26th Good Newsholds more potential for the good of humanity than I have ever seen.  Note I say potential.  This relates to the Sacred Geometry that shows up in the universal astrology chart for that day.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this and even questioned whether I was seeing things.   Yet the deeper I looked the more good things I saw.  Wahoo!

That said, I remind you that a Grand Square (read my last post) is still in effect.  This will challenge some of the other aspects that are lining up for ease and harmony.  Yet with all the Kites, Rectangles, and Grand Trine configurations, the potential for positive movement, personally and collectively, remains very strong.  Heck, this patterning is so beautiful, I’d be tempted to make a quilt pattern from in—if I was a quilter, that is. (A minor technicality there.)

I do see the areas of greatest testing lay with Pluto and Jupiter, where the points of ease and creative tension come into direct contact.  Remember, Pluto digs up that which has remained hidden so it can be faced and cleared or realigned.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, blows things into larger than life scenarios.  So stay grounded and keep everything in perspective, on all levels.  Should a surprise occur, allow the initial emotions to pass before acting.  Then choose actions that support positive expansion.

One more point to make is the prominence of the 11 energy for that day.  This is a potent, electrical energy that invites us to walk through a gateway, often into the unknown.  Eleven is a Master Number that incites action.  And since 11 reduces to 2 (1 + 1 = 2), relationships come strongly into play on all levels; friendships, marriages, siblings/parents; countries, etc.  So heads up on that one.  Make your communications clear and productive.

I also see the number 6 as prominent that day since the trine symbols form a hexagon in the center of the chart.  Six is another relationship number with a strong emphasis on love and service.  It begs the question, “What can I do to change/support this?” NOTE: Since we are in a 6 Universal Year, this theme remains in effect for the remainder of 2013.

When we look at a universal chart, we see what applies to the entire world, so watch for global impacts as well.  These influences could play out in a myriad of ways.  Face the day wiser, knowing that it also applies to you wherever these energies activate your own Numbers Code in your blueprint.  Choose action rather than reaction, responsibility rather than blame or anything else that may apply.

Ready…set?  Let the good times begin!

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Believe it or not, Blue Moons aren't actually blue.

Believe it or not, Blue Moons aren’t actually blue.

Have you run an astrology chart on the next full Moon?  Well I have, and boy was it a trip.  Fasten your seatbelt and I’ll take you on a cosmic fly-by of what’s just ahead.

In all honesty, we can’t blame—or credit—the Moon for everything.  Yes, it is a Blue Moon, so called since it is the third full moon in a season with four full moons.   I know, I know, the logic escapes me too, but that’s the way it is—except when it isn’t.  (wink!) Oops, I see a quizzical looks and we haven’t even left the launch pad.   All you number 7s go here for more details.

As the Moon turns full on Aug. 21st (Aug. 20th in the U.S.)  it is stationed at 27° 34’ in Aquarius.  Few astrological signs enjoyed the press play of this one, beginning with the proclamation in the 1960s of its donning age.  (You baby boomers can’t help but sing the song, can you?)  Heralded as the sign of world unity and brotherhood it’s energy brings large scale humanitarian efforts and awareness for the betterment of all.  Since full moons signal completion, watch for culminations of efforts begun at the last new moon.  This may be the ending of a phase rather than a complete project or episode, and whether or not it comes peaceably depends on many factors.

Enter: a Grand Square.  Yes a nearly exact Grand Square involving two personal planets (Jupiter and Venus) and two collective planets (Pluto and Uranus) promises to enrich this time period even more.  I’m being gentle here, because Grand Squares used to scare people half to death as a sure sign of calamity.  The thing is, that no longer is the case.  Grand Squares in their highest vibration offer the maximum in creative tension.  It’s like a tug-of-war between our current reality and our vision of the future, giving rise to better outcomes or ideas.

Let’s start our tour with a stop at Jupiter, that beautiful planet of luck and expansion.  Now Jupiter may not feel quite like himself around this time.  He’ll be at 12° 00’ in Cancer (sign of home & family) when the Moon goes full.  This number invites service to others, empowered by the divine.  Yet in its lower vibration, this is the “victim number.”  See the potential for the push-pull of creative tension?  And since Jupiter is a personal planet, it may bring up personal issues in unexpected ways.  Yes, unexpected ways, because Jupiter is squared by Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected happenings, on one side and Venus, the planet of love and money, on the other.  How’s that for a trio?  Remember, squares bring tension—in one form or another.  And aspects in astrology cause the energies of the planets to blend to some degree.  Some aspects are smooth (trines and sextiles) while others are bumpy (squares and oppositions).

Speaking of bumpy, check those seatbelts; we’re off to Venus at 5° 11’ in Libra.  While Venus is perfectly at home in Libra—literally—she sits at a rather uncomfortable degree at the time of this full Moon.  Venus likes things gentle; she’s a lover not a fighter.  This degree invites a lot of challenge, change, and adventure.  Not Venus’ favorite place to play for sure.  But play she must, this time with Jupiter’s expansive energy squaring her on one side and Pluto, the planet whose energy makes us dig to the core of things, squaring her on the other.  This energetic mixture being in Libra brings all issues regarding love (self and other), marriage, partnership, and money into play.  Remember, Pluto plays on a global scale as well.

Next stop: good ol’ Pluto at 13° 09’ in Capricorn as the Moon goes full.  Capricorn’s energy greatly affects the economy.  It encourages responsibility and caution, setting boundaries, and staying practical.  It drives careers and carries “father energy.”  Pluto can complement this energy, since it’s in for the long haul, not caring how long it takes to uproot and get to the truth of a matter.  Plus, its degree placement carries the vibration of work, stability, and outside-the-box thinking empowered by divine energy and humanitarianism.  Any stability could be tested, however, since Uranus, who shakes things up through unexpected happenings, squares Pluto here.  (Uranus and Pluto have been doing this dance for a while now, by the way, and will continue into 2015.) Yet tempering this potential earthquake is Venus on the other side, adding her own encouragement for love and gentleness in this otherwise jackhammer combination.

Last stop: Uranus at 12° 04’ in Aries.  Uranus in fire sign Aries, do we really wonder why things are getting more and more turbulent in the world?  And as the Moon turns full, it lays at a degree that again invites service to others, this time with divine empowerment and the an underlying stability.  Yet if not held to its highest vibration, it reverts to the victim/victimizer energy, which just isn’t one bit pretty or fun for anyone.  Pluto squares Uranus here, encouraging a deep look into anything that remains hidden.  And on the other side, Jupiter’s squaring energy encourages us to think big.  He will expand things wherever his energy flows, like it or not.

Remember, we still have some beautiful trine energy in play as well, which allows the potential of ease and flow.  As always it is a matter of choice, whether personal or collective.  Will we take the actions to create beneficial and productive outcomes in this Moon’s culmination energy?  With awareness comes responsibility; with choice comes consequence.  And as we land again on planet Earth, the power now rests in your hands.  Which course of action will you choose?

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Good question…and darned if I know.  I got a notice from my web server this morning that the contact page on my website may not have been working yesterday.  Consequently any messages sent to me from there did not go through.  Gotta love technology, right?  It tests our metal on a regular basis.

That said, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and encourage you to try the page again.  It’s working; I tested it myself.

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copper-sunWow!  I never saw this one coming.  An award, not for writing but for reading.  How cool is that?

This week equestrian Dorothy Chiotti, writer of Musings of a Horse Mom, nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  This award recognized those WordPress bloggers who take the time to visit other’s blogs and lend support and/or encouragement through liking or commenting on posts.  Gosh, and I thought I was just having fun!

Dorothy and I have been playing together in various ways for several months now, and I value her as the multi-talented artist she is.  Her skill encompasses not only writing but photography, with much of it springing from her love of her own dear horses and the equestrian life.  Her blog at is well worth a visit.

Now with this nomination, I am entrusted with passing the award on to 14 more nominees. (Fourteen was considered by the ancients as the number of the scribe and is now often referred to as the media number.  How apt!)  What a challenge—and what a gift.  The diversity of my readers at Numbers At Play leaped out to me anew as I perused all past likes and comments.  Plus, I revisited several sites I have not for a while, reminding me of what I was missing.  As I keep saying here, we each come with a unique blueprint designed to guide us through life.  The eclectic band of readers who visit me here highlights that fact to me weekly.  I am thrilled to share in so many wonderful “worlds” as you share in mine.

And with that, here are my nominees for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  If the links don’t work, please copy and paste them into your browser. (Nominees, please read the rules below.):  (enriching, synoptic astrology updates)  (“eargasms” offered by self-taught composer James Revels III, delivering messages of unconditional love)  (a woman’s guide, supporting them on their journey to an extraordinary life)  (musings on the middle of life, always sparkling with humor)  (insightful posts from a martial arts instructor choosing a natural approach to living with Parkinson’s Disease as he shares valuable and heartwarming encouragement for us all to make a difference)  (where Anna offers real and life recipes for living with cancer)  (where Tom, with a huge passion for children and Africa, seeks to bring a smile while inspiring you any way he can)  (offering views of finding God in ways you may never have considered, or as he puts it, What-Why-How To: God)  (where Snehal Sahay invites you through her poetic genius to “be a part of my paradox” as she strives to love all)  (where Taylor Oceans encourages you to learn from your mistakes while playing your hand right in life)  (where Hollis Plample draws daily comics “inspired by a lot of public eavesdropping and pilfering from the quirks of friends and enemies”)  (an awe-inspiring blog written with love and humor by a mom that demonstrates how love need have no boundaries and all are worthy beyond measure)  (where a young woman invites you to “The War in My Brain” as she lives daily with OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder)  (where Tony Burkinshaw invites you to explore a hypnotic, though remotely understood, career path that includes cognitive hypnotherapy and financial planning)


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2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little.

3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days.

And since a wasp just stung me on the wrist (ouch!), I will cut this post short.  Know you are greatly appreciated and I am honored with each of your visits to my blog or website.  Till soon…

Leo, the Lion

Leo, the Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the calendar flipped from July to August, a power surge hit the planet.  Did you feel it?

August is the 8th month in the calendar year, automatically activating that number’s essence: POWER.  When the number 8 shows up, power plays erupt as unexpectedly as Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser on August 1st.  By the way, this was Steamboat’s first eruption in 8 yearsHello…!  I just have to smile at these “coincidences,” don’t you?

Looking at the AstroNumerology for the month, 8s will show up with emphasis many times throughout the month.  It’s all part of the plan to keep power, internal and external, at the forefront right now.

Adding strength to this equation is our passage through the sign of Leo.  Think “Leo the Lion, King of the Jungle” to get a picture of this sign’s character.  Kingship–or queenship–brings an unspoken element of power that infiltrates the entire kingdom.  That’s us; the human collective, all of humanity.  We’re the kingdom.  As Leo sets the stage, we each play our parts in the power plays, large and small, that build greater consciousness.  While much of this consciousness building may feel intense, stay open to the times the scene changes to opportunities for fun and play.  Remember Leo the Lion is a caricature intended to captivate the child-like wonder in all of us.  Guard against becoming so serious about life that its wonder eludes you.  Life is magical, so embrace that wonder.  (Can we get a round of applause for that, please?  Thank you!)

August 1st also brought an astrological aspect, or configuration, known as a T-square.  Whenever squares appear in astrology, tension is created with the intention of bringing growth.  This particular T-square involves Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus and will remain in effect into 2014. (O.K., I heard those groans and grumbles.  Calm down; I’m not done yet, you know.)  To find out what this configuration means, let’s break it down a bit.

Pluto emits an energy that brings transformation through deep excavation of things hidden.  Jupiter’s energy offers fun, luck, and expansion.  Uranus, with its own mighty power, brings sudden breakthroughs and innovative ideas.  In the T-square, Pluto and Jupiter’s energies are fueling each other much like the positive and negative ends of a battery.  And both are squared by Uranus, which is putting tension on them to create sudden breakthroughs in ways that have never been seen before.  Uranus makes things happen!  So expect the unexpected, both personally and worldwide, for many months to come.  No fear here, remember, only awareness.

Another layer of this shows up when we look at the numbers.  On August 1st, Pluto was at 9°38”.  The 9 represents the highest degree of humanitarianism and in this case is supported by the 38/11/2.  This number includes Master Number 11 that says to dare to step through the gateways of life to create the peace inherent in the number 2.  Jupiter was at 7°27”, emphasizing the need for great mental clarity and spiritual insight.  This is the energy of the number 7, in this case supported by the 27/9 which again brings the numbers of relationship (2) and humanitarianism (9) into play.  Uranus was at 12°28”, a degree that presents the challenge.  Will we allow the highest expression of the 12 to rule our actions through the spiritual aspects of the divine feminine or wallow in the number’s lower vibration of victim/ victimizer?  The choice is empowered further by the 28/10/1, which challenges us to face our trust issues—including trusting ourselves–as we assume our roles as leaders and teachers.

Remember this energy is not going away any time soon, so allow it to bring the transformations on a personal scale that it no doubt will bring in our world at large.  Power up!

When you are ready to explore your potential even more, visit me through my website,  I’m only a click away, my friend.  Remember that.  Or feel free to leave your comment or question below.  Talk to you soon!