short birth certificate front

short birth certificate front (Photo credit: crabchick)

Hey, you!  Yes, you.  What’s your name?

What sprang to mind when you read that?  Your first name?  Your nickname?  Your complete birth name? Your married name? Your name with a title?

How many names do you have?  Does it matter? And what do they mean?  Let’s explore that a little bit because the answers may surprise you.

Look first at your birth certificate name.  If you have a pen and paper handy, print it out.  (Thank you!)

Next create a Pythagorean numbers chart by writing the numbers 1 through 9 across the top of a page.  Then write the alphabet in normal sequence below these numbers; A under 1, B under 2, etc.  After the first nine, go back to the number 1 and start a second line with J under 1, K under 2, etc.  Continue this process to the end of the alphabet. Voilà!  Your masterpiece for the day.  (And if you were resourceful enough to flip one of those charts up from the internet, good for you.  Gold stars for everyone!)

Now go back to your birth certificate name.  Write the corresponding number under each letter of your name.  For example, under John you would write 1 5 8 5.  Once you have done this for your complete name, add the numbers all the way across without a break.  Now reduce that number to a single digit.  For example, if your total was 127, reduce by adding 1 + 2 + 7.  The 10 then reduces to 1.  So your final number reads 127/10/1.  This, my friend, would be your Destiny Number, a key personal number that gives a lot of information about your gifts and how they support your career.

And this is only the beginning.  From this name we can identify your Soul and Personality numbers as well as which numbers will present the greatest challenges for you throughout your lifetime.  Each letter is significant in itself, and repeating letters hold added significance.

So does letter placement in the name.  Let’s take the name “Marge” as an example.  The letter M resonates to the number 4. This is the cornerstone number that activates your life and tells how you will respond.  The middle letter is R and resonates to the number 9.  This is the keystone number that helps carry out what’s being activated by your cornerstone number.  The letter E resonates to the number 5.  This is the capstone number and gives the destination of where you are going or the result of the cornerstone number’s activation.  The cornerstone number also is activated by the first vowel in the name.  In this example that is the letter A and resonates to the number 1.  So a soul with this name intends, in simple terms, to respond to life’s challenges with stability (4), spurred by a broader vision of humanity near or far (9), which will result in change (5) that benefits those beyond him/herself.  This is empowered by leadership and/or teaching (1) along the way.  See how it works?  And this is just one tiny example of keys that can unlock our personal numbers code.

Before we go any farther, let me point out something.  Your birth certificate name vibration stays with you for life, no matter how many other names you adopt along the way.

What’s important to realize, however, is that each time you change your name or add another nickname, you “dilute” or dissipate your name’s energy.  This can result in not having the energy to find a direction, forge a career, maintain relationships, or bring ideas into form.  You feel scattered because your energy is scattered by splitting the energy of your name in multiple directions.  While most do not choose to go by the complete given name, you can do yourselves a great favor by picking one current name to go by and use that name exclusively.  The caveat here is to make sure you use a current name with a fortunate, rather than unfortunate, vibration.  This is calculated using the ancient Chaldean system with a completely different numeric chart.  (I’ll address this more in another post.)

Now that I’ve filled your head with questions—as well as answers—I trust you will have a greater appreciation for the names you carry.  They do indeed say who you are, so speak them with knowledge and appreciation for the gifts they hold.  Say them with surety and wear them proudly.  They are vital pieces of your guidance system for this lifetime.  Use them wisely!

If you suspect your name could be holding you back, I’d be glad to check that for you.  Just click here, then the Services tab for more info.  I’m serious, if this is “calling your name,” why wait?  Do it now!