The Grand Water Trine.

The Grand Water Trine.

Two words kept drifting intermittently though my mind the past few days: “blue” and “water.”  Sometimes, “blue water.”  Had to play with that a bit, but I knew there had to be a blog in there somewhere.  So here goes, people.  Ready to swim into the great unknown with me?  (Atta way; I love your spirit!)

If you’ve read my “About” bio, you know I love to play with both words and numbers.  When the two hook up, well that’s pure magic!  Take the words “blue water,” for example.  Blue carries a 13/4 and water 22/4.  Now there’s a match made in heaven.  The 13/4 is a transformative energy that brings about stability and/or manifestation.  Blue is considered a “cool” color (versus “hot”) and is calming to the spirit.  Sounds like transformation and stability to me.  The 22/4 holds the Master Number 22, which is the number of powerful achievement, master building/manifesting.  Now think for a moment of all the ways water functions, forms, purifies, destroys, and creates. Powerful stuff, that H₂O.

Still with me?  Good.  Did you know that if we count only the oceans, the Earth is 71% water? If we add 7 + 1 we get 8, another huge manifestation number.  And the number of the Earth herself is 4.  No wonder life on Earth is so grounded in form and structure, and in astronomy is known as the “blue planet” as a direct reflection of that water mass.

Now let’s add a few other elements.  Right now I am writing this on a 13/4 day in a 13/4 month of a year that ends in 13 (13/4).  Whenever numbers match like this, the vibration of that number is amplified.  So it’s a perfect day to transform old thought, presenting it in a new way and “manifest”—ta-dah!–this post.

Here’s another element.  We are now in the sign of Cancer, which is a water sign, so everything having to do with water moves front and center right now.  Is there a lack of it?  Too much of it?  Destruction by it?  Creation through it?  Inspiration drawn from it?  Everything comes into play around water.

Plus a major astrological aspect known as a Grand Water Trine becomes exact on July 17.  (Note that the day creates that powerful manifestation number again as the 1 + 7 = 8.)  This trine has been in effect throughout July but intensifies on that day as Jupiter in water sign Cancer, Saturn in water sign Scorpio, and Neptune (which rules all bodies of water) in water sign Pisces form a huge exact equilateral triangle (all sides equal) in the sky.  And get this: they are all at .  A Grand Trine holds the potential to make certain aspects of your life easier.

To discover where this impacts you, find in which House these three planets lay in both your natal (birth) chart and your current transit chart.  But here’s the thing.  The degree of benefit you get from this galactic blessing is really up to you.  It’s kind of a “use it or lose it” energy.  So don’t be surprised if some people say they didn’t feel anything different while others feel the doors to ease and flow open before them.  This is a Water Trine, remember, so it’s all about flow.  Oh, and you may well feel drawn to water in some way as well.  Use this energy to gain fresh insights. (Me?  I’m going camping near a lake. Sound fun and absolutely perfect for this energy? Yea, I thought so.)

Could all this water energy result in unexpected and unwelcomed happenings?  Absolutely.  This is an energy that affects everything, so where the planet uses its force, the unexpected can definitely happen.  And the number 13 emphasizes this, as does the combination of many 4s and 8s this month, which can “collide” rather than complement in many cases. (It’s called the 4-8 Factor, which we’ll discuss another time.)  Yet I encourage you not to let this distract you from the high potential for good that is yours at this time, if you choose to use it.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on in; the water’s great!

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