Sign of CancerCancer. The Big C. We all know what that is? Or do we?
Long before there was a dis-ease by that name, a cluster comprised of five main stars (Decapoda, Asellus Australis, Beehive Cluster, Acuben, and Tarf) held a position in our night sky, known as the constellation Cancer. These early astronomers who defined this constellation held pretty vivid imaginations, if you ask me. When they gazed at this sparkling quintet, they saw the shape of a crab. Yes, a crab. I swear they were the avant-garde artists of the day. A crab? Well, I don’t see it, but they obviously did, so the symbol for Cancer became the crab.
Now fast forward to the 21st Century. I ask you, would you want to be in Cancer’s position, stuck with a name that makes the general populous cringe while wearing a symbol that depicts hard-shelled meanness (pinch, pinch) or—well, crabbiness? Ask those named Sandy how they feel now about their name after it being attached to a deadly hurricane. See what I mean?
Well, I’m here to tell you today that just as most of the Sandys of the world bear little or no resemblance to that hurricane, the Cancer of the sky and astrology bears equal disassociation with the epic disease we know so well. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s take a look at what the essence of Cancer truly is, shall we?
The vibrational energy emanating from this star group is that of the great benefactor. And it is this that most demonstrates through the behavioral patterns from a well-aligned Cancer in an astrology chart. It carries the archetypical energy of the mother, not as a servant but as a ruler who is sure she knows best. This blends with a deep compassion that flows to all aspects of life. Though this is a nurturing energy, it is also can be decisive, demanding, and uncompromising. This generally demonstrates through a life of devotion to the well-being of those closest, particularly the family. Those with Cancer as their Sun Sign or other predominant placement will take care of others whether they want it or not! Yet this is done with the best of intentions in an effort to be protective of those they care about. The bottom line is, they want everyone to feel good, for the motto of this sign is “I FEEL.”
Yes, emotions run deep with Cancer. And being a cardinal water sign, emotions are in constant flow. So you can expect more emotion around aspect of life highlighted within whichever House Cancer appears in your astrology chart. For some that may be their sense of self; for others relationships, career, or the future. It varies, yet is all part of your perfect design for this lifetime.
Those born between June 21st and July 22nd have Cancer as their Sun Sign. And those born between June 21st and July 1st will be more “typical” of this sign. Others born between the 2nd and 12th exhibit character traits more like a Scorpio (a fixed water sign). If the birthdate falls from July 13th to the 22nd, the tendencies will be more like a Pisces (a mutable water sign). That explains in part why some Cancers don’t really “look” like a Cancer. Remember, it’s all part of the design.
The name “Cancer” carries a numeric vibration of 19/10/1 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for studying names. While the number 1 is generally a vibration in sharp contrast to the instincts of a Cancer, the number 19 is considered the most favorable of all compound numbers, indicating victory over all earthly failures and disappointments and the promise of happiness and fulfillment.
Plus, Cancer’s dates carry both the 6 and 7 vibrations, starting in a 6 calendar month and carrying into July, the 7th calendar month of the year. The number 6 also is a highly emotional and caregiving number, so this amplifies the Cancer’s tendencies toward emotional and caregiving responses in June. Then in July the energy shifts to the more intellectual and spiritual energy of the 7. It is then a Cancer will be more apt to temper the emotions with mental clarity and lightning insights, either of a spiritual or temporal nature.
Oh, one more important thing to note. Cancer is the Home Sign of the Moon. Since the Moon carries feminine energy, this greatly impacts the way Cancer traits demonstrate. Plus, those with a strong Cancer influence will be more impacted by the cycles of the Moon. If you are one of these “lucky” souls, embrace this. It can be one of your greatest strengths.
Well, aren’t you glad we’ve cleared up the confusion about this marvelous constellation/Zodiac sign?  There’s so much to celebrate around this energy, no wonder it’s marked with fireworks in more than one country. (And you thought that was purely coincidental, didn’t you?)
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