Lordy, lordy, here we go again.   Mercury just threw on the brakes June 26th for the start of another 3-week retrograde.  Did you see the planetary smoke rolling from its cosmic track? I couldn’t see through the clouds, myself, but I’m sure I heard the squeal of the reverse thrust.  So what now?  Let’s take a look.

For decades planetary retrogrades have been met with fear, with Mercury topping the Anxiety Meter.  Mercury retrogrades were notorious for bringing out the weaknesses in any electronic or mechanical device and confusing all manner of communication.  Can that still happen?  Of course, yet with the energies as they are now these things happen routinely anyway.  I’m not sure how Mercury feels about this, but it’s likes “somebody” stole his thunder.  (I almost feel like sending him a condolence card.)  Mercury is as powerful as ever, yet the erratic energies normally attributed to him at times like these are now a part of daily life.  Have you noticed?  And when you look at it that way, it really reduces the fear meter, doesn’t it?

That said, retrogrades serve a purpose.  Each planet beams a specific energy.  At points of retrograde (when the planet slows and appears to be stalling then moving in reverse) it’s time for a review.  The placement in a person’s chart will determine which aspects of life will be affected.  The degree at which it lays, or positions, tells its focused intent.

And so the review begins.  Things we chose not to finish demand attention. Or the washing machine that groaned for a year finally dies—when we can least afford it. Relationship weaknesses rear for another go-round.  Personal issues we thought we’d buried or already dealt with suddenly stand front and center before our amazed eyes.

Right now, Mercury joined three other planets in retrograde; Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.  With all this “review” energy, it feels like studying for final exams, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not quite like that, but close.  Things do repeat until we either “get it,” clear it, or integrate it.  And no time is this more evident than during retrogrades.

Here’s the good news.  Once we see these things for what they are, we are empowered to do something about it.  There’s no need to feel like a victim of the energies or anyone else.  See it for what it is and shift the energy around it.  Make a new choice.  If communication lines fail, perhaps it’s an invitation to reconnect with yourself in some way.  When our toys quit working, maybe it’s an invitation to explore the lost gift of silence or focus that time on something more valuable—like our families.  Rather than meet the unexpected with anger, look for the gift or hidden meaning.  It’s there, I promise you.

As I said, retrogrades serve a purpose.  Neptune in retro can bring recurrent or strange dreams from your past.  Ask yourself what each item in the dream represents to you and then piece those together to see a clearer picture of its message.  Pluto in retro can create power struggles and control issues.  Rather than joining in a fight, opt to stand firmly in your truth while honoring the truth of another and welcome the opportunity for relationship transformation.  Saturn in retro can bring up old issues of limitation and countless obstacles.  You can ask, Why me?  Or you can welcome the opportunity to use Saturn’s impetus for organization and crystallization of thought and direction.  And Mercury? Well, Mercury represents the mind, so use its higher energy during this retrograde to clarify your thoughts and keep your communications clear, regardless what issues come up.

The days of having to be at the mercies of the energies are over.  We can choose now to meet each retrograde and challenge it brings with a higher choice.  As we do, our lives change and as the proverbial ripple in the pond, so does our world.

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