The descendant is directly across from the asc...

The descendant is directly across from the ascendant (As) in the chart, in the three o’clock position (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have an astro-numerology chart anything like mine, June is roaring.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just full and action packed.   Some things are planned; most are not.  Sound familiar?  If so, chances are you have 6s in your chart in strong positions.  Let me explain.

I’ll use myself as an example here.  My Destiny Number reduces to 6.  This describes the gifts I brought with me into this lifetime (along with a few challenges).  These gifts support my career and the way I present myself in the world.  My Ascendant (1st House) cusp sits at 6° as does the cusp of my 7th House (Descendant).  While the Ascendant addresses personality and self-image, the 7th House focuses on marriage and partnerships.  Wait!  I’m not done yet.  I also am in a 6 Personal Year in a 6 Universal Year, in a 6 calendar month.  And within June there are three days that reduce to 6; the 6th, 15th, and 24th.  Plus, Neptune–the planet of dreams, imagination, and illusion–is transiting my Ascendant in an almost exact conjunction.  Yowza!  See what I mean?  Even if you understand nothing about astro-numerology, you can see that is a lot of 6s and cosmic action, right? (Here, I’ll loan you my glasses…but don’t faint from the shock of when you see what I see.)

So what does this mean?  To understand that, let’s look first at what the number 6 vibration brings.  This is the number of regeneration and service through compassionIt enables one to serve and be responsible and is the symbol of the compassionate teacher.  This is a family-oriented number which can extends to the larger family of humanity.  (For some this may mean a family of animals rather than people.) When it appears as a Destiny Number or in the 10th House of career, it teaches that generosity attracts abundance.  It also governs health, so any unresolved health issues are likely to surface in 6 activations.  Oh, and it is the most emotional of the numbers.  (Yes, there have been a couple days when my husband may have preferred living with Count Dracula.)

All of this can play out in various ways based on intensity, vibrational resonance with the higher or lower aspects of the number, and the wonderfully unique plan set into motion for our souls’ evolution in this lifetime.  The more “layers” of a number activated at once, the greater the intensity.  Layers as in Personal Year, Personal Day, Destiny or Life Purpose, and/or a planet or two all at the same number.

Vibrational resonance for these will align with whether we are currently living at a higher vibration (think love, compassion, joy, peace, abundance, wellbeing) or a lower vibration (think complaining, criticizing, dissatisfaction, envy, hopelessness).  For instance, if we are living in “lack mentality,” thinking there is never enough, we will be challenged with the number 6 to recognize where we already experience abundance, be grateful, then open to ways more may enter our lives.  If we already live in a state of abundance, we may be kicked up to next level in creating even more and sharing that abundance with others.  And remember, abundance is more than just money.

Variations are limitless.  Yet until we truly understand what these vibrations teach us, we are destined to repeat some version of the “lesson” until we do.  If we find family challenging, the challenges will continue and intensify until you see how to release expectations, forgive—for our own sake, not for the sake of others, and appreciate the uniqueness in each family member.  (Don’t worry; we all have an Uncle Harry somewhere.  It seems to be a family requirement for life on planet Earth.)

Once these things become a way of being, we are free to let the number’s higher vibration propel us to even greater and exhilarating experiences.  Life becomes filled with more fun and wonder than we ever thought it could.  The number intensities continue periodically, but now they act as rocket fuel for moving us forward rather than feeling like a smack-down or a brick wall.  How cool is that?

The next time you feel an unexplained intensity in a day, a month, or a year of your life, consider this: It could be your numbers.

Now will someone please get me another umbrella?  This last down-pour of 6s left mine in shreds.

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