Transparent Red Heart by Taoty, FreeDigitalPhoto.netWarning: I may get a little sentimental here.  (Come on, guys, don’t run; you can take it.)

The month of May triggered a lot of “heart energy.”  This is not unusual since May is the 5th month of the calendar year, and 5 is the number of the heart.  Yes, the heart.  Many times I have described 5 as the number of change and adventure.  Yet it also resonates as tremendous heart energy.  Let’s take a look.

See where it is located in the core numbers of 1 through 9?  Smack in the middle, or the heart of the line.  In the numerology Planes of Expression, it sits at the heart of the tic-tac-toe formulation, in the middle of the Soul/Feeling Plane, and depicts the heart.   In fact, the word “heart” carries a 25/7 vibration, one of the most spiritually intellectual numbers there is.  This is a number that supports great change through relationships and all forms of intellectual and spiritual growth.

You don’t give the heart much mind, you say?  Really?  Take a look at our figures of speech.  “Let’s get the heart of the matter.”  “Have a heart!”  “Where’s your heart?”  “I put my heart and soul into that project.”  “My heart skipped a beat.” “What a heart-warming welcome!”  I rest my case.

In purely physical terms we all know that the heart is the primary organ of the human body; no heart, no physical life.  It is, in fact, a central organ located in the middle of the torso and provides nourishment to every other part of our physicality.  Plus, the Heart Math Institute in California determined several years ago that the heart has its own brain. (How cool is that?) Be that as it may, the heart again stands central to our existence.

Whenever the heart is involved, whether in the physical or in the world of numbers, it touches the deepest aspects of our lives.  When our physical heart beats out of rhythm, we feel it.  Likewise when any of our number vibrations central to our “heart energy” slip out of resonance with our core essence, we feel it.  The number 5 is central to this in many ways.

Let’s look at the number itself.  See how it sits on a rocker?  Yes, 5 is a pivotal number that can rock back and forth for a while before settling.  The curve of the base depicts flexibility.  This then flows upward into a straight and stable line leading to a sharp angle pointing right to the future.  This is the flow of the number 5 when allowed to function as it is intended.

We equate the heart with love energy, and what is more central to our lives and the universe as a whole than that?  Yet it is much more than a sentimental feeling.  It is a deep, powerful knowing girded with super-human strength that truly defies explanation—and requires none.  It just is.  And whenever 5 energy is present this is your invitation.  Feel it, know it, be it.  Remember, 5 is a number of action.

As we prepare to leave May behind for this year, assess your own invitations that have arisen in the past month.  What are you carrying forward that has opened you more, deepened you more, enriched your life more?  What has come into question around the core of who you are and what may be out of alignment?  How has the flow of love’s change-igniting power let you see and/or experience a greater truth at soul level?

When you look at it that way, watching May leave is like waving good-bye to an old friend that makes you better with each visit, isn’t it?  Tissue, anyone?

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