English: High-energy ball milling.

English: High-energy ball milling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The energy of May can be summed up in one word: INTENSE.  It’s been kind of like standing in the middle of a fast-paced baseball game played with invisible balls.  You know the ball is in play but only have the movement of the players (aka planets, stars, and meteors) to tell you where it is.  You watch with wonder, confusion, and maybe a little fear.  Where’s that darn ball anyway?

Then, whop!  The blow knocks you to your knees.  Your body hurts, your world is spinning, and the baseball field becomes a field of twinkling stars.

This is very much like our experience in the energies of May.  The cosmos has been playing a wild game all month, and we at times move in line for a direct energetic hit.  Then dazed, we wonder what hit us.  We’re down but not out.  The game’s still in play, yet where in heck is that darn ball?!  Ball of energy, that is.

Were you ever told as a kid, “This is only going to hurt for a little bit.  But it’s for your own good”?  Yea, it’s like that.  The energy hits are for our own good, but it sure doesn’t feel like it at first.  You’re dazed, sometimes flattened and confused.  At times like that, it may be best to stop, drop, and wait.  Really.  Yet don’t let your waiting become an excuse for a life of unending postponement.  These energies are here to support you.  It’s just that sometimes things that have outlived their usefulness must surface for removal before the seeding of something new can begin.

This is very much the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square that became exact again on May 21st.  Squares create tension, meant to be creative tension.  Uranus’ energy brings sudden changes and unexpected happenings.  Pluto’s energy digs deep and more slowly.  Yet both are transformational planets that would move the stars of the heavens to get our attention.  So on May 21th they squared off at 11°, a transformational number in itself.  This is the first of the Master Numbers packed with the energy of possibility and responsibility.  With the 11, the challenge is to step into the unknown, trusting wherever that may lead.

These 11s joined forces with the Universal Month energy for May at 11/2.  This energy is collective, so affects us all.  As I have written before, whenever numbers meet each other, their energy intensifies.  Now add any 11/2s that show up in your Astro-numerology Blueprint and the energy intensifies even more.  People with this much 11 energy couldn’t sit still this month; they had to move.  The key is to notice not only how the world is affected in this energy, but what’s up for you right now.  What’s here and ripe for transformation?  What’s been hidden or ignored for far too long?

Interestingly, the word “transformation” carries a 33/6 vibration.  This is one of the higher Master Numbers that brings unconditional love, compassion, selfless giving, and cosmic guardianship.  These manifest as universal service, reaching beyond your own little world.  Watch for opportunities for responsibility and service infused with lightness and levity to show up.  The 3 is the number of creativity and humor, after all, and is doubled in this number.

See what I mean about it being for our own good?  So if you can’t laugh at what’s going on in your life right now, laugh for no reason.  That alone raises your vibration and can make you feel a whole lot better. (All you 3s out there, lead the chorus, okay?  Ready, set…LAUGH!)

Now, in case you still haven’t got enough to laugh about, we have another cosmic surprise this weekend.  A supermoon eclipse Friday night/Saturday (May 24-25) brings powerful opportunities for endings.  (Supermoons denote when the moon is in one of its closest point to Earth.)  What feels done or over in your life?  What in your home, or business had outlived its usefulness?  This cosmic setting is in the sign of Sagittarius this time which urges us to find the good in all aspects of life.  Release what is asking to leave while holding true to your higher principles.  Resist the urge to run from your problems.  Transform fear and worry into freedom and trust.  Remember, whatever is leaving allows room for something new to show up.

So smile; it’s all part of the game.  Now where’s that darn ball?

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