English: Blueprint of Split Rock Lighthouse.

English: Blueprint of Split Rock Lighthouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When was the last time you looked at the blueprint of your house or building complex?  Last year?  Five years ago?  Maybe never?  Do you even know where it is?  No, wait!  This isn’t the time to start cleaning your closets and office drawers.  We have better things to do right now, so let’s get to it.

“Blueprint” is a word for a basic foundational design.  They are used in nearly any form of major construction from houses to city planning.  Most of us never give them a second thought because that’s not our “thing.”  Yet they exist as foundational aspects of our daily lives in ways we rarely consider.  That is, until we run into something we don’t like.  Then we feel compelled to let these invisible planners have it, right?  “Who designed this intersection like this?”  “Look at this doorway.  No way can we get a wheelchair though that!”  “Whoever designed these cupboards never had kids.”  See what I mean?

Now consider your own life.  There are as many ideas of how and why we got here on this planet as there are pills to cure the maladies of the human body.  I mean, really!  So let me add one you may or may not have considered.

We are here by design.  Intentional, purposeful design.  As with any good design, we came with a detailed blueprint to establish the intended form and structure of our lifetime.  There was a team of planners, including our own soul, who developed this plan as a perfect tool for our soul’s evolution.  Life is the game, and soul growth its aim.  You might say we were pre-loaded at the factory as to how to play. (Yes, I know I’m mixing metaphors.  Just bear with me, okay?)

So where’s this blueprint now?  Held in the Akashic Records, the record of all time.  And just like all valuables, it is secured yet assessable when you hold the key.  (You wouldn’t want a 2-year-old playing in your safety deposit box, would you?)  And, I will add, there are several keys that give access, one of which is astro-numerology.

The funny thing about blueprints is that we don’t give them a thought until we need them.  The house springs a leak, the landscaper need to know where the property line is, or the kids want you to build a tree house.

With our Astro-numerology Blueprint it tends to be the same way.  We live in the ups and downs of life—until something tells us things are really out of whack. (That’s energy-speak for ICKY!)  You see, even with a solid foundational design, we may alter the structure of our lives through our daily, weekly, and yearly choices.  We have one room that’s made of fine oak, another made of brick, and still another made of composite.  The gaps at the room joints are obvious, yet we excuse or ignore them until we can’t anymore.   One room was supposed to be 12 ft. wide and we made it 13 ft.  Another was to provide a support beam and we never installed it.  We ignored the blueprint and now we have a mess on our hands.  What to do, what to do?

Go back to the blueprint and start dismantling the places in our lives that are totally out of alignment with your original design.  Tweak the areas that are only slightly off, and identify your strengths and gifts as well as your weaknesses.  I’m fresh out of magic wands, but let me assure you that we are all fully equipped to do this without them.  The first step is awareness, the second is willingness, and the third is action. Study your blueprint like it was the face of a long-lost love.  Let it become a part of your daily living as it was intended to be. See that it is laced with future possibilities.   And most of all be grateful for the magnificent gift you are to yourself and others.  Because you, my friend, are uniquely awesome!  We all are.  We designed it that way.

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