My Destiny (Yomo album)

My Destiny (Yomo album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever heard the expression, “Things come in threes”?  Well, in astro-numerology that’s true in many ways.  There are the Triads of resonant numbers, the triangles in Sacred Geometry, and the 3 Planes of Expression, just to name a few.

One trio that may get overlooked, however, is the one that greatly influences your career and how you express yourself in the world.  Before you start waving your latest diploma or certification at me, let me explain.

It seems obvious that a good starting point would be your Destiny Number, right?  Indeed, this is true.  This number, derived from your birth certificate name, tells a lot about the gifts you brought with you into this lifetime and how you will express them.  It will hold a few lessons as well, but that’s life, right?  The next number we go to is your Day of Birth.  Just the day, because this number gives a clear impression of a person’s soul.  Now we go to the natal astrology chart.  Since the 10th House deals with Career, Reputation, and Destiny everything about it is important to this conversation.

Unless you were given a single-word name or an extremely simple name at birth, your Destiny number holds multiple layers.  Let’s play with the name Franklin Douglas Pierce and draw the character around that.  (I’d draw you a picture of him, but stick figures just aren’t sexy.)

Using the Pythagorean Number System, this name calculates to 103/13/4.  Though the number reduces to 4, each of the other numbers brings its own vibration, or flavor, to the mix.  The 103 brings the 1 of leadership or teaching that is supported by divine protection in the 0 and inspired by the creativity and good humor of the 3.  This combination then blends into the 13. This is the number of the divine feminine so Franklin understands transformation on all levels.  Plus the much maligned 13 symbolizes genius and out-of-the-box thinking, not bad luck as many think.  This total blend then fully supports the number 4, a number of diligence, stability, and physical manifestation.  This tells us that this person is not afraid to roll up his sleeves or put in long hours when needed.  Yet he is capable of teaching what he knows best and will do so with good-natured, gentle strength rather than brute force.  He likes security and would be a credit to any work force, for he is a planner, a fixer, a builder—of the seen and unseen.  Those with a 4 Destiny Number are the workers of the world and gain great satisfaction from a job well done and peace at the end of the day.  Know anyone like that?  (The 13/4 in the name can bring complications to his life but we will not go into that here.)

Now let’s suppose Franklin’s Day of Birth is the 22nd of the month.  This is a Master Number, so brings added gifts and added responsibilityThis number is truly loaded with possibility.  One with this number intends to bring higher wisdom into physical reality.  He builds dreams into reality, and whatever he builds will hold lasting value.  Plus, since the number 2 is the number of peace, this vibration intensifies that urge, inviting peace in deep ways into daily living.  The 22 truly is the Master Architect and Architect of Peace.  This person, when living aligned with his blueprint, is a hard worker that embodies a nearly unshakable sense of peace that radiates to all around you. And did you notice that the 22 when reduced equals 4 (2 + 2 = 4)?

Next let’s take a look at Franklin’s 10th House.  First, let’s say the cusp number echoes his Destiny, since the cusp lays at 4°.  Plus, at his time of birth Neptune positioned in the 10th House at 13° and Mars at 1°.  Neptune governs dreams and the imagination so is set to feed ideas and inspiration when activated.  Since the Destiny carries the 13 energy, Neptune remains activated throughout his lifetime rather than just at transits or other key points.  Mars is a high energy power planet that loves to start things and fire them into action.  At 1° this keeps the activation going with the Destiny Number as well, resonating with the 1s in the number, fueling originality and leadership.  The activation would be even stronger if Mars were a 4°.  Yet this 4-to-4 activation does appear with the cusp number (which denotes the first degree of a House).  This says plainly that career will play a dominant part in the overall lifetime, serving as primary area for growth and experience.  Franklin will never feel comfortable as a couch potato and likely find it challenging to understand anyone who is.

So what careers may best suit a guy like this in the 21st century?  How about a farmer impassioned to find sustainable ways to feed the masses without destroying the Earth in the process?  Or a building contractor who develops innovative ways to use recycled materials?  How about an inventor driven to develop a better car engine or to add still more possibilities to alternative energies?  He may even start out with a stint in the Peace Corp.

You see, our numbers do not pigeon hole us into tight boxes wherein we can do only one thing.  Far from it.  Our numbers support and fuel the incentives to grow, expand, and fulfill our lives in alignment with our soul’s intent.  And we are free to play with them in a myriad of ways for our whole lifetimes, if we so choose.  The key is to stay aligned with that energetic support, rather than pushing against it.  For instance, you would not find Franklin giving skydiving lessons.  And if he ever took a dare to jump out of a plane, chances are very good he would land with an even keener awareness that “this is not me” and wonder how any lunatic could enjoy such a thing!

Now it’s your turn.  Ready to discover your own unique number support system?  Then go to  Get out of your box and soar!