Pluto in rotation. Gif-animation

Pluto in rotation. Gif-animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


LIBRA (Photo credit: KTDEE….back on track I hope.)

This has been a week of the unexpected, would you agree?  As the world eyed North Korea, bombs blew in Boston, MA, blizzards and tornados blew through the Midwest, and a fertilizer plant blew in Waco, TX.  Unsettling for many, devastating for some, and shocking to all.

These are major events that involve large groups of people and send ripples through the collective consciousness of the entire planet.  Yet not all things unexpected happen on this level.  They get downright personal sometimes.

I had one such thing happen this week.  It ranks near the bottom on the shock-and-awe scale of life, but was at first unsettling I admit.   In plain English, duty called.  Jury duty, that is.  Yes, a summons for me to appear for jury duty arrived in the mail.  Unexpected?  Pretty much.  Yes, I’d filled out the mandatory form in December but had heard nothing since.  They aren’t going to want an astro-numerologist on their jury, I reasoned.


After an instantaneous frustrated response that I will leave to your imagination, I calmed myself and started looking for what this meant for me on a deeper level.  For me that often means going to the charts and the numbers.

The summons arrived on the 18th of the month.  The number 18 often brings unexpected events wherever it appears.  Yet 18 reduces to 9 (1 + 8 = 9) which is the humanitarian number.  Well, I am being called into service, like it or not.

The trial date is set for the 29th, a number that often denotes conflicting energy that can lead to fantastic breakthroughs or wildly unexpected results.  This number reduces as 29/11/2.  Whenever an 11 appears, it is an opportunity to walk through the gateway to double new beginnings.  And the 2 is a relationship number that fosters support and gentle one-on-one communication.  That could bode well in a jury room, don’t you think?

When I look at my astrology chart, I see again that Pluto is retrograde at 11° in my 11th House.  This means my 11th House is being activated not only by Pluto but by this trial date as well.  Among other thing, the 11th House embraces issues involving friends, groups, and community affairs.  I guess court could be called a “community affair,” and yes, I may need to call on a friend or two for pet care during this time.  Plus I will be functioning as a part of a completely different group.  (Post-verdict party, anyone?)

Ah, but the drama continues.  Uranus is the natural ruler of this House and is famous for sudden and unexpected interruptions.  (But wait!  I object!)  Toss Pluto in the mix with an energy that can bring denial, power struggles, coercion, and manipulation when experienced at its lowest vibrations.  That doesn’t sound a bit good to me, so I’m already setting the tone and intent for Pluto’s higher vibrations that bring freedom, regeneration, and transformation.  Oh, yea…feels better already.

Now wrap all of this in the Libran energy I embody and the energy of “justice” comes into play.  We often speak of Libra as the sign of love and partnerships, but we tend to forget that it also is the sign of justice.  It’s a sign of balance, including balancing the scales of justice.

There’s a bit more, however.  April of this year is a 1 Universal Month and I, likewise, am in a 1 Personal Month.  Any number that repeats gains strength.  The number 1 brings all kinds of opportunities and invitations to seed something new and/or experience ourselves in a whole new way.  It has been many, many Moons since I was on a jury, so good ol’ Pluto has brought this back for a replay for me to experience in a brand new way.  Remember, retrogrades bring up old events or patterns to be looked at anew.

So no more grumbling.  (Well…maybe just a little.)  It’s going to be an adventure!

Hello, Judge!  I’m here, at your service!

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