PLUTO PLANET (Photo credit: tonynetone)


GL581c (Photo credit: oklo)

What is Pluto, and why should we care?

To many, Pluto is just a Disney character created way back in 1930 as Mickey Mouse’s pet.  He’s a fun, lovable companion whose lifespan exceeds a normal dog by well over 50 years. (Has anyone seen him on a postage stamp yet as the longest living canine on the planet?)

Yet the original Pluto was not a flop-eared yellow dog.  It is in fact the 9th planet in our solar system, spinning on a tilted oval track around the Sun every 248 years.  NASA, which ought to know these things, says one day on Pluto is about equal to six and a half days on Earth.  Now that’s a LONG day; makes me tired just thinking about it.  It’s the first of three planets invisible to the naked eye.  So when it was discovered in 1930, it caused quite a stir. It was kind of a pip squeak among planets, only about half as wide as the United States.  Its size didn’t matter, though.  It was a planet with a moon, and that’s all that mattered.  (Two more moons were discovered in 2005.  The right photo above shows Pluto beaming second from left behind one of its moons.)

Then in 2003 the unthinkable happened.  A group of scientists decided that because of its size, Pluto could no longer be called a planet.  Henceforth it would be known as a “dwarf planet” or a “plutoid.”  Now any ordinary planet may have been downright insulted by this.  Not Pluto.  It didn’t faze it a bit.  It knew what it was and didn’t stop its solar influence for one minute.  Now that’s class!

So what does Pluto do and why should we care?  Simply put, Pluto exemplifies old expressions like “small but mighty.”  In astro-numerology Pluto’s influence can be summed up in one word: transformation.  This isn’t as casual as a fashion makeover or giving that classic sports car a new paint job.  Oh, no.  With Pluto, we are talking MAJOR transformation.  Its vibration touches the deepest aspects of our psychological makeup in such a way that we have no choice but to change and grow.  This change then flows outward with an ever widening ripple.  That is why it is known as a “collective planet.”  It brings the kind of transformation that impacts everyone on the globe.

What’s Pluto up to now?  Well, as of April 12th, it joined Saturn in retrograde status.  Whoo-ee!  Now there’s a combination that gets my attention.  Saturn is known for responsibility, boundaries, and order.  Pluto is more like a fire fly with real fire, igniting fire pits of change wherever it lands. (Okay, okay…I hear the temperature on Pluto is 400 ° below  zero.  That’s beside the point.  And how do they know that anyway?)

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it’s often described as going backwards.  Likewise, its focus shifts backwards as well.  If you have your natal and transit astrology charts, take a look.  In whatever Houses you see Pluto, look for action resulting in change to arise.  These will likely deal with anything that has not been resolved from your past in these areas of your life.  That’s what retrogrades do, bring things up again and again until we finally resolve them. (On a global scale, the current Korean conflict glaringly epitomizes this.)

For even greater insight, look at the degree number.  Pluto goes retrograde at 11 degrees in Capricorn, which is now causing structures to crumble.    Whenever the number 11 appears it stands like two pillars forming a gateway of invitation for you to step into the next.  And often an unknown next, I might add.  If you choose to ignore the invitation, the 11 energy becomes wildly electric, creating all kinds of havoc.

This holds true on a global scale as well.  Remember, this is a collective planet we’re talking about.  It affects us personally and doesn’t stop there.  I can also work in the reverse, and often does, with the global affecting the personal. Watch for many global invitations for change in the coming months and see if we, the world’s people on all levels, will step through the gateway to a higher way of being.  Pluto remains retrograde until September 20 (9 + 2 + 0 = 11) and Saturn until July 8, so we could be in for an interesting spring and summer.  Remember, Pluto digs deep; Saturn demands order, boundaries, and responsibility.

Also pay attention to how your personal numbers relate.  If you have 11s in your astro-numerology blueprint, these will intensify during this time.  Watch for your personal gateway invitations and pay particular attention to all one-on-one communication.  All 11s reduce to the number 2, which encourages diplomacy, cooperation, peace, and gentle communication.  As always, on this personal level, the choice is yours.

If life gets too intense just adopt Pluto the Pup’s characteristics.  Be cheerful and adventurous, but unlike Mickey Mouse’s dog, don’t break into sheer panic when met with the unknown.  Stay calm, and then with the gateway before you, leap!  Your new beginning awaits.

Discovering how each planet affects your own blueprint is only one step in getting a clear view of why you are here.  Ready to explore your own deeper truths?  My website is at  If it feels like your next gateway—LEAP!