English: No name baking soda

English: No name baking soda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever poured vinegar over baking soda?  Or dropped those famous “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” stomach aids into water?  What happened?  ACTIVATION, that’s what!  Vinegar can sit placidly in a bottle and baking soda innocently in a box without drawing much attention.  Put the two together and the dynamic changes completely.  The same with the big A.  Those tablets will reside in your medicine cabinet for months like stored mini hockey pucks.  Drop a couple in water and magic happens.

Numbers are like that.  Honestly.  (Would I lie to you?)  Only with numbers it takes a specific interaction with another number to bring on the fireworks.   We’re dealing with electromagnetics and quantum physics here, neither of which you want me to explain to you.  Trust me. (By the way, I wouldn’t write a manual for a kitchen range either, but I’m pretty skilled at using one.)

There are many of these specific interactions in astro-numerology.  Whenever a number meets the same number it is “activated.”   That means, quite simply, that it is awakened and intensified, sometimes more so than others.  Let’s focus on just a few for now.

The Day of Birth is an easy place to start.  If you were born on the 28th of the month, you will experience multiple “power days” in any given month.  Since 28 reduces to 28/10/1 in numerology, the 1st, the 10th, and the 28th automatically hold more power and promise.   This is because when the calendar date corresponds with any of these three numbers, it activates that portion of your birth chart.  Since the Day of Birth has a lot to do with career and how you present yourself in the world, this is the area most impacted on those days.  Likewise when your actual birthday rolls around each year, you can step into an extra surge of energy with the activation of this Key Number.  You’ve hit an exact match, and you can feel it if you pay attention.  (And you thought it was just an excuse to party, right?)

Now suppose your Life Purpose number is 7.  If a Full Moon or a New Moon occurs on the 7th of the month, it may impact you more, depending on its astrological placement.  The Moon brings feminine energy, so anything connected to that may come into play.  The Life Purpose is your driving force on your pathway through life, so this may impact you in quite personal areas.  New awarenesses and guidance for moving forward would be common.  Bear in mind, also, that New Moons mark beginnings and Full Moons mark endings.  And the insightful, masculine energy of number 7 sparks all kinds of possibilities in those areas.

Here’s one you may not have considered.  What if your Current Name, the one you use all the time, reduces to 15/6?  Now with planets doing what they do, Mars circles around to 6 degrees in Aries, its Home sign.  Mars is known as the “power planet” and in fiery Aries it is even more so.  Mars also brings masculine energy.  How will this affect your 15/6 Current Name vibration?  POWERFULLY!  If embraced, it will support and strengthen the feminine, caregiving energy of the 6.  If not held to its highest expression, it can result in a push-pull energy triggering fragmentation and excessive emotion.  Oh, no fun.  See why awareness is important?  And we’re not done yet.  Mars will continue on to 15 degrees Aries where you will feel the activation yet again!  This can be wonderful or not so wonderful.  It really depends on what is coming up for you at the time and how you choose to use the energy.  Remember, we all embody masculine and feminine energy, so gender doesn’t matter here.  Awareness does.

The options for possible activations are seemingly endless.   When planets align at the same degree, or even within a few degrees, we feel it.  When they align with our House cusps in our astrology chart, we feel it.  When a Key Number (Life Purpose, Destiny, Day of Birth) from our numerology blueprint aligns with one or more House cusps in our astrology chart, we feel it.  When our Personal Year aligns with the Universal Year, we feel it.  The list goes on and on and on.  That’s why living with an ever growing awareness of our numbers can save us from so much pain!

Learn to identify your own power days and use them wisely.  What you initiate, change, or more fully embrace on these days will make a difference in your life.

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