The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform on the...

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform on the flight deck for the crew of USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75) during the taping of the FOX NFL Pregame Show . Truman is on its maiden six-month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yea team!  Let’s hear it for our third and final triad, the 2-4-8-Manifestation into Matter Triad.  (See my last two posts for the other two triads.) This little acknowledged trio of compatible players comprises one of the most supportive units on the planet.  They could be whining about getting “no respect,” but that’s not their style.  They know their strength whether anyone else sees it or not.  That in itself is power, wouldn’t you say?

Pow-er!  Pow-er!  Pow-er!  (Oops!  I’m getting carried away again.) The great thing about this triad is that its strength can appear so subtle, yet wields outstanding results.

Take the number 2, for a minute.  (Please…she’s getting heavy.  No, not really.  Just funning with you.)  Wherever 2 shows up in your chart, think cooperation and peace.   This is the energetic support and intention that was set for you in that area of your life.  So if you find yourself embroiled in anything that feels opposite of that, like co-dependency, you are out of balance.  Apply the gentle communication so inherent in the 2 energy.  Set healthy boundaries and open the way for healthy communication to bring unity within and without.  Be a diplomat and harmonize where it is called for.

Number 4 is the master of stability and discipline.  Having this number in your chart can assist greatly when other areas are out of alignment.  This energy reminds you to stick with what you know is best for you.  It is not easily deterred.  That’s a good thing, for it imbeds a sense of structure wherever it is present.  It strengthens with honesty and enables things to get done in a step-by-step manner.  Practical organization is its hallmark. (As an aside, if you felt work issues intensify this week, it’s with good cause.  We’ve been in a 4 Week.)

The number 8 rounds out this team with the energy of good judgment and realism.  It brings a healthy respect for the power of money and is the ultimate manifestation frequency.  Those with this number in their charts gain strength from overcoming obstacles so exhibit courage under pressure.  There’s a goal-oriented and solution- finding strength that exudes where this number is in play.  Think of a coach for whom players clamor to play or a boss whose employees love their jobs.

Yes, these numbers offer some valuable plays.  Look closely.  Can you see how they play to each other’s strengths?  The 8 aspires to lofty ambitions, underpinned by the 4’s stable structuring and the 2’s diplomacy and peaceful communication skills.  Nothing loud, flashy or flamboyant here.  That’s not really their style.  They set a goal, lay a strategy, and see it through to the final play.  What a winning trio for manifesting ideas into matter.  Go team!

Oh, one more thing.  Wear your numbers proudly; they work hard for you whether you see it or not.  May we have a cheer for that, please?