Musical Notes

Picture this.  You’re sitting at a concert you’ve been awaiting for months.  Tickets sold for a premium from day one.  Yet here you are; you made it!  Anticipation builds as the musicians take their places.  A lone musician starts the first piece, joined shortly by another, then another.  Harmony and rhythm fill the arena.  The audience sways in unison, joining in the magic.  Until…until one instrument suddenly plays off key.

The swaying stops.  Whispers flow into a disgruntled murmur.  “What’s that?  Where’s that coming from?  Who’s doing that?”  How could a perfectly attuned band with so much potential suddenly sound like a cat fight in G minor?  Unbelievable!

Yet as a numerologist, I often see this happen with numbers.  Compatible numbers hold the potential of perfect harmony.  These occur in “triads,” three numbers designed to make beautiful music together.  One such triad is 3-6-9, the Feeling/Artistic Triad, the numbers of emotional self-expression.  As in music, the fullness and truest expression lays in the hands of the musician.

In music, the “off” cord may sound sharp or flat, or slip from major to minor.  In life, the discordant energy hits us as thoughts, feelings, or actions that alter our way of thinking and being in the world.  We are out of alignment with the cords in our blueprint, and it shows.  Think of putting an opera singer behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.  Doesn’t fit, does it?  Yet we play our numbers off key far too often, trying to be who we were never designed to be.  And it shows.

Let’s get back to the 3-6-9 Triad for a moment.   To keep it simple, let’s say your Life Purpose is a 3, your Day of Birth a 6, and your Destiny number a 9.  In this case, these three key numbers all fall in the Feeling/Artistic Triad.  With a 3 Life Purpose, you are intending to follow a path through life that includes a lot of creativity, light heartedness, and humor.  It flourishes in an environment of charm, optimism, and beauty.

Yet suppose this expression of you is not honored by others.  What then?  You don’t fit the family mold or the code for the company where you work, so you shift your way of being to fit in.  In time, you find yourself acting like a 4, stable and structured—and getting more miserable by the day.

And with good reason.  The number 4 is in conflict with your 3.  These two numbers are not compatible so will create tension at best and total disharmony at worst.  Since the 4 also is in conflict with your 9, you get a double whammy.  Your soul intended a broad, humanitarian view of life—and you’re punching a 9-5 time clock soldering electrical components all day.  Ugh!  It doesn’t even matter that the 4 life style can blend with your 6.  The triad components are out of balance and no amount of 6 energy (think love, family, and nurturing) can fix it.

That’s where awareness steps in.  Once you see the truth of who you are and what you came here to experience, the discordant 3 can slip back into alignment.  Ahhh…music to our ears!   And what’s better than a life lived in harmony from the inside out?  Makes me feel like dancing just thinking about it.  Rhumba, anyone?

Now, chances are your three key numbers do not fall into a single triad.  That’s okay; it’s part of the plan.  On closer examination you would see how your numbers support each other in different ways.  This is different than living like someone you are not and were never intended to be.  You are not your sister, your brother, or your great-Aunt Louise.  You are you.  And that’s perfect!

Incidentally, the 3-6-9 Triad is fully activated this month.   March is the 3rd month of the calendar year and a 9 Universal Month in a 6 Universal Year.  This activates, or intensifies, each of these numbers in your chart for the remainder of the month.  Where the numbers appear will determine your areas of greatest impact.  In other words, these are your primary areas of focus and growth right now.  Just be aware that these emotional numbers can heighten emotional responses in us all.

So ride the wave of creativity, nurturing, and humanitarianism this month in your own unique expression.  You own it to yourself.  And the rest of us will give you the standing ovation you deserve for staying in tune.

Play on…