sand hourglass

I’m not playing games here.  Well…maybe I am, but for a very good cause.   You!  Your time’s almost up and you may not even know it.

Okay, throw some ice on that red hot fear that just shot to the surface and take a cool-headed look at what I’m about to explain. ( Here’s a towel.  Ready now?)

Nearly everything runs on cycles, and some affect us all.  I’m talking about cycles in time.  Some are Personal, meaning they affect only you, while others are Universal and impact us all.  These continue regardless of a person’s level of awareness.  Just as many people are color blind, even more are number blind.  The fact that a shirt is red and a person sees it as green does not change its color.  Nor does ignorance or ignore-ance of time cycles delete their existence.  And if you thought all that talk about the ending of the Mayan Calendar “hype” was the end of that nonsense—and, yes, another cycle ended–you may be in for a surprise.  Read on, my friend, read on.

Whether you realize it or not, a much smaller cycle is about to end, and you will feel it.  In some way we all will.  This one is the Universal Month cycle.  March is a 9 Universal Month, which means April will begin a whole new 9 month cycle for us all.  What does this mean?  Well, 9 is the number of culmination and endings.  Now is the time to look back over the past 9 months (starting in July 2012) and assess anything you’ve started in that time frame and bring it to completion, if possible.

Why is this important?  Because anything we refused to address or complete in this cycle will continue and perhaps even intensify in the next.  That’s not meant to scare you, only to bring awareness. (More ice?)  You still have time–we all do–to take inventory.  These may be emotional entanglements, financial obligations, or that project you promised your sister you’d finish two months ago.   It may well be a promise you made yourself, like walking that extra mile a day, rain or shine.

These issues cross all levels of our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.  Chances are you already know what they are.  If not, take a few minutes to sit quietly, let your attention rest in the core of your body and see what surfaces.  The first word or words that surface are likely it.  Don’t question it, just say, “Thank you,” write it down, then proceed with your day.  Return to your message when you are ready to truly address it.

One more thing.  The number 9 is part of the Feeling/Artistic Triad code in numerology, comprised of 3, 6, and 9.  All three numbers are activated this month; March is the 3rd month of the calendar year, yet we are in a 6 Universal Year in addition to March being a 9 Universal Month.  Expect emotions to run higher than normal in yourself and others.  Look for ways to balance that energy through some form of artistic expression.  Sing with your dog or dance with your cat.  Braid your horse’s mane.  Draw a picture only a 6-year-old would love.  Design a new game or create a new recipe that would blow the socks off your mother.   And if you’re really feeling creative, design a new business plan or the color scheme for your home remodel.

The magic here is this.  Not only do 9s bring the energy draw toward completion but the energy for setting the stage for new beginnings.  So embrace the power that is yours and value this March like never before.  It’s your newest gift.  Use it wisely.