Society seems to have adopted an unwritten rule that says language must be shot full of 4-letter words to be powerful. Who slipped that into the rule book anyway? (No need to hide your hands; it’s written all over your face, my friend.)

In my musings about this less-than-amusing topic, I played with other ways we deceive ourselves under false pretenses. With my number 7 Life Purpose and its inherent quest for truth, it took about 5 seconds to see one in myself. (You’re going to pull it out of me, aren’t you? Yeah, I knew you would…)

Okay, confession time. My name is Rayora Hartman and I am an information junkie.

There, I said it. Now the whole world knows and I am forever accountable for every scrap of paper, forwarded email, and newspaper clipping that clutters my world.

How can such a benign habit be detrimental? By masquerading as time well invested when applying even a tenth of what we read could truly change our lives.

The worst part is this time-sucking venture can be contagious not just between us number 7s but those creative number 3s and 6s. Those with numbers 4 or 8 carry more immunity because their structured ways inhibit such foolishness. Number 2s aren’t quite as lucky, since they love to cooperate and support–even to the point of sharing your dis-ease. The only unpredictable ones in the game are the number 5s, who may show extreme interest in your obsessive diversions one day and be off to another adventure the next.

This can be a difficult ailment to diagnose. Its symptoms tend to vary greatly. So for the good of humanity I’ve compiled a list of my own. (Oops! Pardon me. A touch of the martyred number 6 just slipped in.) You may want to hide quickly behind you own mask of delusion if any of these sound familiar.

1. Own 20 cookbooks and a computer paper box of recipe clippings when I don’t like to cook.
2. Boast six overflowing bookcases I’ve purged three times and still hold books untouched for 10 years.
3. Excuse myself for having over 3,000 emails in my inbox after hearing someone else say they had 10,000. Golly, what am I worried about with a piddly 3,000? (Addicts can always point out the real junkies, you know.)
4. Explain to company that I got my “pile-it’s license” years ago.
5. Filled three or four file cabinets with “resource material” that is threatening to mummify.
6. Invest several weeks each year in sorting treasure that make me sneeze.

Need I go on?

Now that I have bared by soul before you (Darn that 6!) let’s look at a time proven remedy for this ailment. It’s called “TAKING ACTION.” Did you realize that the only way to truly retain information is to take action on it? “Use it or lose it” holds new meaning here. Oh, those 50,000 words a day you read may slip into the syrupy maze of the subconscious. I’m talking about usable information that truly benefits your life.

Funny thing about that word “action.” Using Pythagorean Numerology it carries an 18/9 vibration. Eighteen is the number of unconditional love and 9 is the ultimate humanitarian number. It is a vibration that can be used either to lead or mislead. No inaction here!

Let’s look at the words within the word. (For you word junkies, this is a lexigram.) Now what do you see? The word begins with “act,” ends with “on,” with “I” in the middle. So in action you see that “I act on” something. Throw in some numerology and this is what you see: I = 1 (leader/teacher); act = 6 (devoted counselor and/or artist); on = 11 (a high energy number inviting you to step from the old into the new). Dynamic, man! How cool is that?

Without realizing it you may have ignored one of the most powerful words in the English language. It’s just too bad it’s not spelled with four letters or started with an “f” so it can get some respect.

Now it’s your turn. Are you an information junkie too? What steals your hours and keeps you from taking action to better your life? Have you found a remedy? Leave a comment below so we can learn from each other.