Shadows. I love them. In certain places, that is. I love shadows in nature, in paintings, in photography. They add contrast and depth, don’t you think?

There’s another kind of shadow, however, playing around you continually that can go undetected for decades. Then one day, there it is, staring you in the face. Eye to eye, nose to nose, foot to foot—or more accurately foot on foot, daring you to move forward.

Funny thing about shadows; they disappear when you shed light on them. So let me beam a little light your way right now about the shadow side of (drum roll, please…) NUMBERS.

Numerology looks at the shadow side of numbers all the time. Why? Because it shows where and how our greatest lessons in life show up. Oh, brother, and how! So are you ready to enter the world of shadows and light with me for a few minutes? Then read on, my friend, read on.

The shadow side of a number refers to its lower qualities. When exhibited in life, they carry a lower energy vibration which can actually feel tiring in many cases. If you are sensitive to the “vibes” others give off, you may feel drained after such an encounter. Test yourself, if in doubt, by checking how you feel after being with certain people in your life. Are you energized and uplifted or left feeling like a limp noodle and out of sorts? Pretty easy to see, isn’t it?

Now here’s a clinker. If you are drawn to people who live at these vibrations, it’s because of what’s called “vibrational resonance.” You’re an energetic match—and that goes for high or low energy emissions. The shadow side will express when you are out of balance energetically. This is not something to be condemned but recognized. Let’s take a look.

Leaders have the number 1 somewhere predominantly in their numbers. Count on it. (Wink!) Identify a leader, private or public, who seems driven to achieve, achieve, achieve and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. There you have number 1 in shadow. Now, if you emulate this person or see a similar pattern in your own life you are in vibrational resonance. Deny it, and you are only deceiving yourself. Ahhh…deceiving, another aspect of the 1 shadow, as is boredom, boastfulness, self-centeredness or self-consciousness, stubbornness or laziness. Now throw in some repressed emotions. Oh, that doesn’t feel good, does it? But wait! Here’s the cool part. Once you see and acknowledge the shadow aspects in yourself, you are empowered to change them. This doesn’t mean stomping the 1 traits out of existence but transforming them to the higher vibrational attributes. The light of awareness is on and you can step forward. To do this you harness the intellectually focused aspect of this number to see the goal line and go for it without harm to others. You are now an ambitious activator with a strong will that motivates others. Your determination and originality make you a standout with those around you, making many eager to jump on board for the good of all. No more win-lose, people, because win-win is now running the game.

Not all of us are leaders. If 2 is a predominant number in your blueprint, you find leadership daunting. If you are living from its lower aspects, you may even be cowardly. At the least, you feel plagued by insecurity, shyness, and timidity at every turn. Life feels confusing and you sink into moodiness, become overly emotional, and may even slip into depression at times. You feel conflicted and are easily offended so find yourself chronically nursing hurt feelings. Or to bolster your low self-confidence, you find yourself meddling in others’ lives to avoid your own. How sad! (Tissue, please. Sniff, sniff…) Life is just soooo hard for a 2 in shadow. And it was never meant to be that way. So turn your light on high beam, see the hole you’re stuck in and get rolling again! The high vibration of the 2 emanates peace of mind, gentle communication, and diplomacy in bridging and harmonizing opposites. You are the ones who can demonstrate true cooperation and collaboration with a sincerity that moves others forward. You are flexible and supportive, friendly and loving, and an exemplary companion and/or partner. Just remember that the first person you need to support is yourself.

Three is the number of creativity. Yet people living the shadow side of this number can drive everyone else crazy. They are superficial, scattered, impulsive, and talk too much. They can be jealous, critical, unforgiving, moody, and at times real worriers. Yet their worrying will not drive them to find solutions for they lack focus and concentration. They avoid responsibility, dislike anything attached to work, and can spend countless hours on trivial details. Sound familiar? OK, you can stop nodding now. Let’s see how this number can transform into a magnificent vibration indeed. Often the first step after awareness for someone stuck in the lower vibration of the 3 is to actively create something. That starts the juices flowing again. Threes are quick to act, so this helps. They also love beauty and are charming optimists who can delight others with cheerfulness and enthusiasm. They make great writers and humorists and artists of all kinds since they overflow with imagination. They can express these ideas with a sensitivity that uplifts others as they uplift themselves.

Now take a look at the number 4 for a minute. See that downward line? Think of it as a post going into the ground that holds everything else together. The number 4 emanates structure and stability. And when 4 goes into shadow, well, you hardly recognize yourself. You become stubborn, argumentative, and totally lacking in humor. You grow far too serious, become narrow-minded, and resist anything new. Your impatience grows right along with your building displeasure as you allow pet prejudices to mushroom in importance and drive wedges of insecurity in and around you. Ooooh…not pretty! From my experience, 4 is one of the most challenging to shift. Why? Because of the stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and resistance that sets in. Yet to live the life you intended, shift you must. So step into that solid work ethic you so easily resonate with and apply it now like never before. Those in higher 4 vibration are true physical manifesters who ground ideas through discipline and work. Your inspirations are brilliant in their simplicity; own them. Approaching life with step-by-step organization feels natural and restores stability, order, and productivity to your life. Your practicality and straight-forward reliability is likely rooted in your home and family, so start by focusing there. Watch the transformations begin!

Now let’s move from the stability-loving 4 to the freedom-loving 5. To pinpoint the shadow side of the 5 in yours or others’ lives, look for restlessness and irresponsibility. Fives in shadow become thoughtless, careless, and discontent. This can show up in impulsive behavior, gambling, and taking dangerous risks. Procrastination can couple with loss of faith that may lead to addictions and sexual imbalances. The love of freedom is masked in uncertainty and an ominous fear of change. Where is the freedom now? While it is true that a balanced 5 vibration gets restless under routine and thrives on feeling uninhibited, the freedom perceived when living from its shadow side are delusional at best. Recognizing this allows the shift to begin. Fives are naturally brave, courageous, and dynamic and thrive on unbridled adventure. If the number 5 figures predominantly in your blueprint, you seek a life of experience and are continually progressive in your thinking. What’s next, you wonder? You are magnetic and clever, often witty and highly energized. This blends well with your flexibility and adaptability to all kinds of situations. Indeed, change is your constant friend.

The action continues from here with numbers 6 through 9, which I will save for my next post. Just remember that the shadow aspects of any number are not your enemy. They are here to teach you some of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn. As your awareness grows and you embrace both the shadow and the higher aspects, life grows rich again. The shadow again becomes a thing of beauty, adding new dimensions to your life’s portrait. The surrounding scene expands and evolves with each passing moment, creating the wonders of you. So get your shadow off your foot and leap into action. And if that sounds a bit colorful and poetic, blame it on my 3s.

Smiling with you till next time when we continue our exploration of the shadow.