Destiny. Do you have one? Does anyone? And what does that mean, anyway? “My destiny.” Sounds kind of fixed, doesn’t it, locking us into an unchangeable plan “someone” drafted for our lives. But is it?

We humans are a strange lot sometimes. We crave security yet subsist on a fear-based diet. We drown in knowledge yet lack wisdom. And most of all, we yearn for love, yet live behind emotional and physical walls. Is this our destiny? Or is there a secret code somewhere to click us out of this default setting erroneously called “Normal Life”?

I’ve considered these things a lot from a multitude of angles across the years. If you have, too, here’s an angle that you may have overlooked. To begin, let’s tweak the word “destiny” a bit. Did you know that a numeric code based on your birth name is called—get this—your Destiny Number? Yet rather than dictate how your life will end up, it totally supports you in being the wonderful person you came here to be.

Huh-oh, I see question marks erupting like fizz from an uncorked champagne bottle, so let me explain.

We all are born with gifts. (Yes, you, too.) These attributes, large and small, manifest throughout our lifetime in various forms. Your Destiny Number tells you how you will express those gifts when they surface. For instance, suppose you start reaching for the piano keys when you were age 2, love singing in elementary school, and play the flute in the high school band. Your musical gifts are showing up, and how you express them is starting to take form. Yet where this may lead depends partly on your Destiny Number. If yours is a 7, you will prefer to stay behind the scenes, perhaps composing music for others. If it is a 3, you will be the one on stage performing. And if it’s a 1, you may well be the conductor wielding that powerful little baton.

Let’s take a look at how this works, comparing two famous wordsmiths with drastically different deliveries.

Nearly anyone living in the U.S. in the last half of the last century knew Walter Cronkite (1916-2009). He shared the dinner hour with countless Americans for decades as the anchor for CBS Evening News. If you are too young to remember that, you’ve likely glimpsed him in clips as the one announcing to the world that U.S. President John F. Kennedy had been shot and later notifying the public of the president’s death.

Walter, like many of that era, changed his name to meet contractual demands at one point. To get his Destiny Number, however, we must use his birth name of William Leonard Cronkite. This calculates to 108/9. Here the leadership number 1 is supported by 8, which symbolized the honorable leader learning courage under pressure. The two numbers are connected by a zero, which indicates divine protection. As these three numbers blend to form the 9, it gives birth to the vibration of the compassionate teacher and builder of group consciousness. The attributes of the Destiny Number speak largely to one’s career and/or way of expressing in the world. His astrology chart supports this with the cusp (edge) of the House of Destiny, Career, and Reputation at 6 ̊ 9 ‘. Six and 9, emotional numbers of caring, compassion and humanitarianism, help us see why many called this man “Uncle Walter.” With his day of birth a 4 and Neptune at 4 ̊ (4, the number of structure and manifestation) also in the 10th House, Cronkite exuded stable, gentle energy whether in person or over the airways. He gained a reputation as being the most trusted man in journalism. A destiny that first showed as a high school newspaper editor flowered into a storied career from World War II through the beginning of the 21st century. And get this. His “current” name, Walter Cronkite, calculates to 14/5, the media number!

Now take a look at one of the most famous writers of our age, Stephen King. This master of horror has forged a career from the depths of his imagination that truly sets him apart. In astro-numerology, one thing we look for are numbers that repeat. With King, his Destiny number does just that. Based on his birth name of Stephen Edwin King, this number comes out to 84/12/3. Both 8 and 4 are manifestation numbers, with the 4 bringing structure to money number 8. Twelve is called the “victim number” and those with it must guard against either being victimized or becoming a victimizer. Three is the number of communication and creativity. Can you see King yet? Well, consider this. His father abandoned his family when Stephen was 2. Then young Stephen apparently witnessed his friend killed by a train, a childhood memory so traumatic it recessed deeply into King’s subconscious. He has no surface memory of it. In the 1980s, he battled alcohol and drug addiction. In 1999 he was struck by a minivan while walking along a highway. Victimization.

Now flip the page and consider the plot lines of many of his famous works. See this theme running strongly; victim/victimizer? Next look at this. King’s 10th House cusp sits at 12̊ . Remember, this is the house of Destiny, Career, and Reputation. And across the chart the 4th House of Home, Family, and Roots shares that degree. The number repeats again in the 3rd House of Communication and Language and the 9th House of Education, Journeys, and Beliefs. And here’s the corker. His Sun shines brightly in Virgo at 27 ̊ 23 ‘. Calculated together these equals 14/5, the media number. And Virgo, of course, is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

Let’s add one more thing, which really puts a smile on my face. When it was discovered that one of King’s horror novels was found in the homes of four perpetrators of mass shootings, he immediately removed that book from the market. Why does this matter—aside from the obvious? In addition to the Sun at 27/9 ̊ , the cusps of King’s 6th House of Work, Responsibility, and Service and 12th House of Soul Growth, Death, and the Ego are at 27/9 ̊ . And 9 is the ultimate humanitarian number. When the light went on that his own works may have contributed in some way to these real-life horrors, King stepped up and took action for the sake of humanity as a whole. This action also elevates the 12 to its higher vibration, bringing it into love, sympathy, and service to help the world be a better place. YES!! I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

So there you have it, my friends, an example of how numbers matter greatly in guiding us on our life-long journeys here—our destinies. These two communicators, drastically different, exemplify this. Our destiny is not fixed, it’s supported. Each man was/is free to follow a chosen path. The vibrational forces inherent in Cronkite’s and King’s astro-numerology charts supported each step to create lessons and outcomes structured by their overall blueprints. The same is true for us. I ask you, how does it get any better than that?