Cycles. Nature loves them and people love to ignore them. Have you noticed? The thing is, cycles don’t care if anyone is watching or not. They go right on cycling. Obvious or subtle, they keep doing whatever they are destined to do. Not once has a cycle waved wildly to get my attention before beginning. (PMS aside.) So if these things are so tenacious, why are we so blind to them?

We just completed one of the most obvious cycles. Saying hello to 2013 moves us all from a 5 to a 6 Universal Year. Bet you can’t wait to hear what that means, right? Well, read on, my friend, read on.

A Universal Year is a cycle of time that follows our normal calendar years and affects us all. Whether we see it or not. To calculate the Universal Year simply add all the digits of any given year and reduce to a single digit (2+0+1+3=6). Why would any sane person want to do that? Because every number carries a certain vibrational resonance that affects us all in common and uncommon ways.

The number 5 is a number of change, freedom, and adventure, so 5 years are full of experiences that invite us to explore these facets. It can be quite wild as well. Sound like your life and the way of the world in 2012? Universal Years run in 9-year cycles. That makes 5 years pivotal; we can turn this way or that—and sometimes rock back and forth for awhile in the process. They are full of surprises and unexpected happenings. A 6 year feels much different. These years carry a high vibration of love and caring, of nurturing and care giving. It’s an emotional energy that also can lend to gossip or, preferably, meaningful discussions. As 2013 unfolds, be mindful of this and watch yourself and others more drawn to these energy patterns.

How this manifests for each of us is partially determined by our own Personal Year. Oops! There’s another one of those overlooked cycles doing its own thing without you. How rude! Anyway, now that we see it, let’s examine it a bit further and maybe join in the game. Personal Years run in 9-year cycles as well, beginning with the birth year. This can result in your Personal Year being in or out of resonance with the Universal Year. If it is an exact match, say both 6’s, the energy for that year will be magnified for you.

Let’s look at this as it may play out in “real life.” Say you are in a 2 Personal Year during 2013. Number 2 is a number of peace and relationships. Thinking of getting married? Or maybe you feel drawn to adopting a pet or volunteering at a shelter. Can you see how the 2 and 6 energies could complement each other? Smooth, baby, smooth!

Now what if you are in a 4 Personal Year with 4’s energy of structure and manifestation? That depends. Say you are starting a business this year and your focus, with your 4 year, gravitates toward the nuts and bolts of laying its foundation with little time or concern given to your own wellbeing or that of those who share your life. Terms like “burnout” or “spinning your wheels” came to mind. The foundation may get laid, but at what cost? True, this could happen anytime, but in a 6 Universal Year you feel it more acutely. Using, rather than ignoring or fighting, the 6 energy could prove crucial to the success of your start-up. I know, I know…they didn’t teach you this is Business 101.

Now let’s look at how this plays out with those around us. Say you are in a 7 Personal Year in 2013. Your partner (husband/wife, significant other, best friend) is in a 3 Personal Year. Since 7 supports solitude, introspection, deep contemplation, socializing is not at the top of the priority list. Yet your partner’s 3 energy invites more socialization, not less. He/she finds a fantastic deal on a Caribbean Cruise and knowing you have always wanted to explore the islands decides this is the time. But for some reason, you’re just not feeling it. Not now. Yet the 6 Universal Year energy brings up the desire to nurture your relationship, so you agree. Maybe you’re just stuck in a rut and need a change, you reason. Once onboard your floating city of 4,000 people, however, all you can think about is finding a quiet place where you can lean on the railing and gaze at the scenery—alone. (Good luck with that, by the way.) Your partner, on the other hand, is ready to strike up a conversation with everyone on deck and can’t wait to hit the dance floor in the evening.

Recognizing what your own Personal Year means and how that relates to those around you gives a real advantage in creating a life with more ease and flow. Realize as well that while your Personal Year energy will trump that of the Universal Year, there is no avoiding the blend these energies will create in your life and the lives of others. Know also that this is only one facet of your total energy picture created by number plays in your astro-numerology blueprint. No number stands alone. Each creates an interplay with other numbers, with some stronger at times than others. Awareness is the first step that can set you on a path of feeling supported rather than smacked down at every turn.

Cycles repeat. We can argue with them, deny them, and defy them. They don’t give a fig. Here the common expression, “What goes around, comes around,” takes on new meaning. You can choose to stay in objection and wait for the smack down, then wonder where that blow came from. Or you can choose to become an active and aware participant in the game, turning what feels at times like an adversary into a supportive partner. The choice, as always, is yours.