Have you ever wished you could swing into an espresso stand and order a shot of spiritual caffeine? You know, something to shift that dull feeling that suddenly eclipsed your inner spark. Your flame’s been blown out and you’re running on a very weak pilot light. Starter fluid, please, and make it fast!

One of the quickest ways I’ve found to make this kind of shift is to move into what I call living words. These are words like joy, peace, love, light, wholeness, wellbeing. The words “peace and joy” ring louder at this time of year than any other. Yet where is the peace? Where is the joy? Are they merely sentiments that fall flat when given a bully punch by “real life”? No, my friend, not when embodied with the full vibration they bring.

Let me explain. Words are written and verbal symbols with meaning, as are numbers. Using numerology we can explore what the core meaning invites. Each letter carries a numeric equivalent with a specific meaning, often called a vibration. When the individual letters join, they create a new meaning and vibration as the letters become a word. Each letter’s vibration remains, yet no longer stand alone in meaning. They are now blended, like red and blue into purple.

Take “joy” for example. Using the Pythagorean (Western) Alphabet System, J = 1, O = 6, and Y = 7. (Using the Chaldean System would reveal a different layer of meaning, all valid.) So what does this mean? Well, the number 1 denotes masculine strength, activation, determination, and originality. Number 6 is more feminine. It carries a loving vibration and is the prime number for birth, responsibility, and service. Number 7 is the most mental and spiritual of the numbers and also brings lightning insights. Added together, 1 + 6 + 7 = 14. Let’s reduce that to a single digit by adding the 1 and 4 to make 5, the number of change and adventure. We write this as 14/5. So JOY = 14/5, a vibration of ideas, imagination, high energy, and magnetic communication.

Still with me? Good. Now let’s look at “peace.” P = 7, E = 5 (twice), A = 1, C = 3. Since we’ve already introduced 7, 5, and 1, let’s skip right to C. The charming 3 denotes optimism and cheerfulness. Also note that the two Es in “peace” emphasize change. Added together, the total numbers of “peace” equal 21/3, a vibration that will confront insecurity, self-doubt, and rejection.

What does this mean for you personally? When you dare to really feel these words you will experience some version or aspect of their vibration. The more often you invite these words into your reality, the more they become a natural part of you. Feel it to be it. This is important. Just saying or thinking a word does little to change anything. It must be truly felt. To do this initially, you might recall the last time you really felt joyful or peaceful. Now bring that feeling into your current moment. Your here and now. With more practice, just thinking the word will bring its familiar feeling, or resonance with you. At some point it becomes easier to hold, or embody, the feeling as a way of inner being without any thinking involved. It becomes more natural for you to be joyful than otherwise, or more peaceful no matter what enters your world.

Remember, it’s your choice. What words are you living? I’m making my list and checking it twice. How about you? A cup of sparkling joy, anyone? I’ll make it a double.