If we’re all on this fantastic journey, how is it that so many of us don’t remember stepping onto the tour bus? Yet here we are, bouncing from one bumpy road to the next. (Where did that crazy driver learn to drive anyway?) If we’re headed for the Promised Land, someone forgot to pave the road. We scan the name tags of our fellow passengers looking for clues.

“Uh…Harry, what’s our destination?”
“Excuse me, Mary, but have you noticed any road signs lately?”
“John, is there a rest stop coming up soon? I need a break.”
“Anyone have a cell phone I can borrow to make sure I’m on the right bus? No offense, but this doesn’t feel like a premium line to me.”

Sometimes life feels vague, undirected, and downright puzzling. Yet here you are, living it day by day the best way you know how. Wouldn’t it be great if you came in with a road map or a blueprint to at least tell you when and where you got off track?

Ah, but you did. It starts with your birth date and birth certificate name and expands from there. Now I don’t know about you, but my birth certificate did not bear the label “Blueprint for Life.” At least it was filed with the correct bureau because it is indeed loaded with vital statistics. And I mean loaded. Knowing your full name, birth date, time and place of birth will open the doors to more answers than you may ever imagine possible.

For example I have a 7 Life Purpose and a 6 Destiny. I’ll explain more about that in a minute. First, how do I know these numbers? Through examining my birth date and birth name using the ancient intuitive science, numerology. Finding those same numbers in my astrology chart fleshes out the findings even more. So what do my particular Life Purpose and Destiny numbers reveal? Well, the number 7 is a mental number that denotes strong intellect with deep analysis and lightening insights. It also is a very spiritual number affording great wisdom. It is a number of solitude, stillness, and strong intuition. The number 6, on the other hand, is a feeling number so speaks more of emotional aspects and ways of being. It is the number of regeneration, enabling the soul to serve and be responsible to family and others. It denotes an artist, devoted counselor, and compassionate spiritual teacher. The Life Purpose, also called the Life Path, sets the course for the lifetime; the Destiny speaks more of career and endeavors. I also have a leadership number prominently displayed in my birth date.

So there you have it, a nutshell definition of me and why I’m here, based only on a few highlights. The layers of each number run deep, revealing more and more. Just as architectural blueprints appear in multiple layers, so do the blueprints for life, with astro-numerology only one of several sources for drafting them.

Uncovering my own blueprint explained so much. For instance, people have come to me with their problems and issues since I was a child. I often felt at a loss in knowing what to do or say, but my “vibe” drew them to me. My sense of overwhelm set me on a path first to discover what made me tick, and then to better understand those with whom I share this world. Why was life such a struggle for so many of us? Now I see.

We come here with an express purpose and the power to fulfill it. All we are missing is the blueprint. Keep playing with me here and you just may come to see that too. You do indeed hold the pieces to your puzzling life. All you need is the instructions for fitting those pieces into place.

And–at the risk of mixing metaphors a bit–maybe, just maybe that road was paved after all. The bumps were only an illusion of what really were stepping-stones placed strategically just for you. You simply couldn’t see them through the bus floor. What if you jump off the bus and see the road ahead with new eyes? What then? I wonder…