I’m a born skeptic. (Yes, it’s in my numbers.) Nor was I born with the words “numerology” and “astrology” bubbling from my lips as an omen of things to come. Heck, I couldn’t even count sheep well. When the 5th ewe jumped over my envisioned fence, my mind eagerly followed the 5 vibration of change and flipped to another channel. You, too?

In fact as a child, numbers quickly lost their appeal. Drawing numbers had been fun; addition kind of intriguing. Then it started to get complicated. They called it Math, and these fun little symbols suddenly became objects of torture. So I mentally abandoned numbers early on, adopting words as playmates instead.

This pattern continued until about a dozen years ago when some family health challenges set me on a quest for answers. You know those times, when the drive propels you to check anything and everything for viability. Enter, a book that used numerology as a means of determining the emotional roots of various physical ailments and illnesses. What a concept! I was skeptical but intrigued enough to order a copy of the book. Well, that little volume blew my socks off. I started with the subjects of my original quest, then ended up doing a complete medical history on myself. No lie! And this all through an ancient art using numbers as its base. I suddenly saw numbers with a purpose far beyond balancing a checkbook. Who knew? Certainly not me–until that point.

Astrology was another story. One of my first childhood fascinations was the story of the Three Wise Men who found Jesus by following a star. They were astrologers, I was told, who used calculations from the sky to guide their quest both in timing and direction. How could that be?, I wondered. Yet my questioning only brought warnings that it was not for us to understand such things; such seeking showed lack of faith and trust in God so was to be avoided without question. It seemed strange to me that this, and other examples, could be spoken of in wonder in one breath and distain in another. Yet I adopted my early teachings and for decades avoided even reading a horoscope in a newspaper. Honestly. That’s how obedient I was to my teachings.

Then I developed a friendship with a star-gazer. She would stay up until 4 a.m. just to watch the night sky. Why?, I wondered. She spoke of the comfort it gave her and the magic she saw in this brilliantly sparkling canvas. So I checked out some books on astronomy, which didn’t do a thing for me, I must admit. Yet these did introduce me once again to the term “astrology.” Hmmm…could there really be something to this? I decided to see for myself. With childhood admonitions echoing in the back of my mind, I studied in secret lest anyone discover I’d opened the door to this forbidden knowledge. The more I read, the more intrigued I became. Planets aligning? Houses in the sky? My inner skeptic showed up wearing a Top Hat, demanding attention. I’d listen for awhile, then show him to the door. After all, what if there was something to this? I poured through a few more books until I reached the point of drafting my own astrology chart. Do you have any idea how complicated that was prior to computer programs? Talk about MATH! With much regret, I backed away. Too complicated, I told myself.

Life went on for nearly another decade with both astrology and numerology taking a back seat to other life concerns and ambitions. We do that, you know, park our passions in a chair marked “Someday” as we tend to a never-ending to-do list. And so it was with me–until my soul guided me back. A speaker I heard broached the difference between Pythagorean (Western) and Chaldean numerology. The spark was lit and I was off and running again. Within a few short months a course showed up that introduced a blend of astrology and numerology using both Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology. It’s like these ancient studies, literally thousands of years old, had been reborn in a whole new form. Upleveled, one might say, into what we playfully call “astro-numerology.”

Does my inner skeptic ever show up to play? Oh, yes, from time to time. Yet the more I explore and see repeatedly how this all works together for our good, the less I feel Mr. Skeptic hanging around. He doesn’t even bother to dust off his Top Hat anymore. Could it be he sees his days are numbered? (wink)