Here I AM! Yes, I am one of the new arrivals at WordPress and still feeling my way around. Reminds me of a toddler who has been set down in a new playroom; kinda scary–but look at all the toys!

For sometime now I’ve wanted to start a blog. Why would I want to do that when there already are millions of blogs polka dotting cyberspace with more words than could be read in a hundred lifetimes? Because I can…and because I have something to say. Maybe lots of somethings. That’s part of the playroom scene, the hidden part, hiding over there in that big, scary closet.

As I post, you’ll get to know me, and maybe I’ll get to know you through your comments. That’s the way it is in a new playroom; first we look, then we babble, then we strike up a meaningful conversation. It’s called sharing, and I’m really good at that. I have lots of toys, tools, ideas, and creations to share here, and you’re welcome to play too.

You’ll probably see some shifts and changes in my blog page as I make it feel like home. That might not take long–or maybe it will. That’s not important. What matters is that I AM HERE! So are you. Let’s play!

Till soon…